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[advertorial] The Couturier
Thursday, October 08, 2009 9:24 AM

My polymate, Diana just started her own shop and here I am showing some love.

You definitely would not want to miss their collections! She brings in one of the most gorgeous dresses in different styles.

Such as Work Style, Casual Style, Function Style. You name it they got it.

Though this is their first collection but they already have their own manufactured exclusive items and some other lovely imported designs. <3!

You can find very inspiring and stylish pieces here.

The following two pieces are the ones that Diana personally recommended.

Ruched Mesh Overlay Bustier - LaROK inspired

Hever Leger inspired pieces.

My personal favorites are:

Toga Bow Versatile Top (I am a sucker for toga top and dress!)

Bow Tie Open Back Dress

Isn't bow and sweetheart cut super irresistible?

Don’t forget to join in their mailing list and connect them on Facebook to receive latest updates on their new collections!

Visit THE COUTURIER now to start your finger shopping! :)



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