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Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010! (Corny title -_-)
Thursday, December 31, 2009 4:24 PM

In less than 7 hours time, a brand new year will be here!

I am not sure if 2009 is consider a good year but I definitely had fun flying between HK & SG to visit my love ones... and also travelled to a few places for vacation. The most unforgetable ones are Japan for Honeymoon and Taiwan with the buddies.

Before I go into the new year resolution mode, let's update on what I have been doing for the past 1 week!

On the 24th night, the Husband and I sneakily took a flight back to SG to celebrate Christmas. We touch down in Singapore exactly at 12am (Christmas!), drop our baggage off at home and left for Bedok for Ba Chor Mee. It was already coming to 2am and the Ba Chor Mee was sold out!! :( In the end we had Pig Liver Meesua instead. Just as good! :)

Morning of Christmas day, we decided to popby my parents place and give them a surprise! My sister said she sorta expected that I will be back (since I have been asking if they will be around on the 25th. Bah.) but I am still happy to be back home and see them on this special day!

We had lunch @ Fatty Restaurant together with my in laws (they are back for xmas too!) After which the Husband and the in laws went to get laptop for my SIL and I followed my family back home for catching up.

Dinner was Zichar at Tampines Kopitiam with my in laws extended (can't remember which Block) and it's was GOD DAMN NICE! Wah lau when was the last time I had nice Zichar?! This one really beat the rest both hands and legs down. I ate so much I felt like exploding.

After dinner, the Husband and I rushed to Sembawang to buy a cake to surprise everyone at Kaijing's place. We were supposed to get the cake, wait for Francis (KJ's hubby) to pick us up and sneakily appear infront of everyone (especially for Ailing mei whose birthday falls on 26!)

The surprise was a success, all thanks to Francis and Kaijing for coordinating! The birthday was exceptionally action pack but I can totally understand. HEE

We had so much fun that night and the birthday drank alittle too much so she couldn't stop laughing. For a moment I was worried but I guess it's okie to let her hair down on her big day. :)

Hope you like your present and surprise, Mei! :) And I am really happy to be back to celebrate Christmas with the rest!

Woke up slightly later on the 26th due to all the havoc the day before. Went to the Waterloo Street Temple, had Ba Chor Mee for lunch at Sim Lim Square food court and took a bus (omg when was the last time I took a SBS bus! Excited!) to Orchard to meet my Sister and Jeff for KTV session!

Since we were early, the Husband and I walk around the new Orchard, took lotsa pictures and acting silly. :) Remember those days when the Husband and I spent most of our paktor time in KTV and I also love going KTV with my Sister. Really brings back lotsa nice memories!

We sang from 2.30pm to 6 plus before the Husband and I rushed back to Kembangan to meet up with his buddies for dinner and mahjong session. We had Pig Liver Mee Sua again for dinner but we will never get sick of it! :) So nice!

There are a total of 4 couples and Jasmine & Cailin brought really nice dessert! Thanks for making the desserts babes! :) The mahjong session ended really late and I couldn't resist falling asleep! (As usual!)

On the 27th, we woke up in time for Kuey Chap brunch! OMG I LOVE THE KUEY CHAP! I can eat 2 bowls of kueys! <3

After brunch, the in laws drop us at my grandma place where I meet up with my parents and stayed there for awhile. Had tang yuan cooked by my mum (make up for the "dong zi"!) and lotsa catching up with my parents. They bought my birdnest and I love it! <3

Had dinner with the in laws @ Bedok. Char Kuey Tiao, Ba Chor Mee, Satay, Chicken Wing, oyster egg... all at 1 shot! Shiok!

28 Monday morning, went to see doctor regarding my foot condition together with my sister and my dad. Had the super yummy curry rice for lunch. Had high tea @ Takashimaya's Royal Copenhagen with the bestie. Love the company, place and food!!

Walk around orchard, LV-ed, plucked my forest-like thick eyebrow with the girlies and it's time for us to go home. Enjoyable time really flew past fast. :(

Dinner with my family @ Ban Heng. Wonderful night with lotsa catching up... wish time stops forever at that moment...

29th is once again time to fly back to Hong Kong. Had lunch at Kallang Bahru. My favourite Hokkien Mee & Duck rice! Dad came along with us while sister drive us to the airport. Wish mum could come along too but not convenient to close and leave the store.

Sigh. Although this trip was slightly longer than the previous few trips we made but still, it never seems enough.

My achievement/memorable events in 2009:
- Jan: Glad to be able to celebrate birthday with my Mum!
- Jan: Kanna Cellulities. -_-
- Feb: Then kanna Shingles!
- Feb: Received my 1st Q-pot from the Husband! <3
- Feb: Ailing mei visited us in Hk!
- Mar: I got my 1st Miu Miu! A Ibisco Bow Satchel!
- Mar: More pink stuff! Pink Agnes B bag and B Q-pot iPhone case.
- Jun: 2nd Miu Miu item. A bag charm.
- Jun: Flew back to sg to celebrate fathers' day with my dad!
- Jun: Bought the Asus eeePC 1000HE
- Jun: The birth of 5deeeeeemarktwooo!
- Jun: Honeymoon @ Japan. Took a picture with a lifesize Rilakkuma! Dream come true! MORE Agnes B bags and MORE Rilakkuma! <3
- Jun: Celebrated our 2nd year rom anniversary!
- Jul: The beginning of my love for Hello Kitty (Kittylab craze!)
- Aug: Force to move out from our old aparment but I am more than happy to do so. Love the current one!
- Aug: Gave my family a surprise back to SG on my birthday. All thanks to the Husband! Had a blasting celebration with my friends too!
- Sep: 1st boat trip in HK. Seafood at Sai Kung was amazing!
- Sep: Sister and Jeff visited us in Hong Kong! :)
- Sep: Bought my Xacti.
- Oct: Finally our 2nd time to BKK. Still loving that place.
- Nov: Opening of Omocha-Land!!!
- Nov: Took a flight on my own to Taiwan from HK to meet the buddies.
- Nov: The husband gave me a LV neverfull for anniversary.
- Nov: Bought the LV Damier T&B Mini Pochette.
- Nov: Winter @ Beijing
- Dec: Christmas surprise to my family and buddies + Birthday surprise for Ailing mei.
- Dec: Bought the LV Damier Heritage Labels Cles.

It was a crazy year filled with LVoe, peace, joy and flights. I am happy to see my family often and they still make me miss them every single time.

Seems like I have built up my very own bags and LV collection. Not alot of gadget this year because of GRDII still serves me very well. And nothing can stop my love for Rilakkuma!

Here's my New Year Resolution for 2009 (written in 2008 December):

- Able to go back Singapore as many times and possible! (Flew back many times this year!)
- Best, go back Singapore for good. :P (Okie still trying...)
- More friends to visit me here. (Not enough!)
- Parents, sister and husband's good health. (:D)
- Hope my Sister and my best friends find their own happiness. (My Sister got attached, Ah Li also! Huijun getting rom next year!)
- More Kuma and gadgets! (ALOT OF KUMA! Even open a shop for it! :P)
- Our own place in Singapore. (STILL TRYING! T_T)
- Visit Japan! (YAY! FOR HONEYMOON!)
- Afford a branded bag on my own. ^-^ ' (If pochette consider as a bag? :P)
- More love from the husband! (never enuff. hehehe)(I can feel the loveeeeeee! MORE PLEASE!)
- Birthday, Christmas & New Year with family and friends... (I think I managed to fulfilled them quite abit! :D)

Not bad lah. Seems like I have fulfilled most of them. And here's the 2010 one!

- More LVoe, peace and joy.
- Move back to SG for good. (= able to see my parents and friends often, get our own lovenest)
- Better business for Omocha-Land.
- Save more money (contradict with the 1st one thou).
- Better health for myself and my love ones.
- The Husband and I will stay this loving forever.

I guess that's all. Ultimately I just wish that we will go back to SG for good and everyone will be happy. I, of course will be the happiest. I can give up everything to leave this place with the Husband actually. If someone out there knows how much I miss Singapore.

Last but not least, some eye candies of the LVoe:

1) Dig out my 7 flip card holder from my parents' place. Bought this in 2006 with my Sister in Hong Kong when we go on vacation together. It was quite beaten when I 1st dug it out. I placed 2 cards in a slot and so there are like 14 cards in it! *horror*. The transparent slots are all stained with ink transferred from the cards. I went to LV the other day to get the refill and the kind SA gave them to me for free! How nice! :)

2) Damier Koala Wallet. The wallet that I have been eyeing since forever! The Husband bought this for me the day before Christmas Eve as my Xmas gift. He hid it in his bag and went to buy dinner for me. He called me on my mobile and ask me to open up his open to take out magazines to read to kill time. OMG THE MAGICAL BROWN PAPER BAG! <3 The Husband really spoil me silly! But I love the wallet SO THE VERY MUCH!!! And of course the green ribbon that comes with it. Thanks baby for the wonderful gift! I love you!

3) Actually I was looking for the T&B series Cles but it's already sold out everywhere in SG. Not sure if they still have it in HK but the LV website no longer has it so I guess it's sold out already. This Heritage Labels & Stamps series seems to be replacing the T&B ones. Initially I wasn't too fond of the "fading effect" of the design but it grow onto me eventually.

So there you go! Unknowningly I have 6 LVs in my collection now but I am secretly looking forward to let it grow slowly!

That's all for 2009!! Thank for following me through 2009 and prolly the past few years too. May you all have a fantabulous 2010 ahead!



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