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2010 1st post!
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:42 AM

Can't believe it's the 12th day of the new year already. But in the past 2 weeks I have heard and seen the most ridiculous things in my life enough to piss me off for 24 hours. AND I GOT A BLARDY BIG BOIL UNDER MY LIP! Neverthless I still believe 2010 is a good year with lotsa things to look forward to! :)

Decided to snip off a good amount of my messy hair to get rid of some 2009 衰气。

My face was literally frozen by the cold weather. I can't believe I can breathe out smoke from my mouth in HK. crazy.

Last week, the husband and I were busy playing host to his buddy, Edwin and his newly engaged fiancé Cailin. (Happy engagement!) The weather was EXTREMELY cold last week and it's really painful to stay outdoor but nevertheless we still had lotsa fun! SO MUCH 菠萝包! haha!

Last month my domain and hosting was expiring and I was contemplating if I should renew them. Part of me realise that I am not blogging enough to justify it but this domain is very special for me and the Husband. So I finally decided to renew it... and keep it alive till I decided to bring it to my grave. :P Unless someone wants to help me keep my domain after I die la. HAHA!

But I guess the ultimate reason for me to keep this domain is to blog about my marriage... then about my kids... hopefully one day they are old enough to read about their parents' love story and their childhood.

Okie la. I shall keep this entry short. But from now onwards I will promise to blog often, even if the entry is short, but with nice photos and stuff. Will update soon! Weather too nice to hibernate already.

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