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Back in Singapore... For GOOD! :)
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 10:55 PM

After close to 2 years, we are finally back to where we truly belong. :) These 2 months was really crazy for us. From confirming hubby's job to looking for a new tenant for our rented apartment to packing of our belongings to settling the rest of the $ & bills... it's really difficult times to get thru.

We shipped a total of 14 carton of items weighing 314kg thru sea and checked in 5 baggage weighing around 80kg on flight. Can't imagine the tonnes of things we bought in HK. 2 years ago we went there with 2 checked in baggage only!

My Sister & Mum came to the airport to fetch us last Tuesday. I am sure my Mum is very pleased to see us back for good. :)

IT's so good to be back! (minus the unpacking thou. AIYOOOO TORTURING LA!)

I promise to update more now!! HAHA! I AM SURE I WILL STICK TO THIS PROMISE NOW!


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