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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 10:18 AM

Sorry that I didn't keep my promise but working life is crazeeeeeee plus having to take care of a household just makes my life more hectic these days. -_-

So many things happened since we came back from hk. 1st we bought our own car, then I langa the car, then I bought a pair of supposedly female hamster, then pre-order for Omocha-Land, then supplier say my order too small so I have to increase my order with the risk of over-stocking... -_-

Let's just start off with my hamsters...

Not sure if anyone of you remember but I used to have a hamster name Hamuchan but he left me after suffering from tumor. I read back my entry and saw myself promising not to get another hamster to replace how important he is to me.

One of the reason why I didn't want to get another replacement is because I really had a hard time dealing with passing on pets. But when I was in HK, I realise that I still very much a hamster lover... Initially I was thinking about dogs, then rabbit, then chinchilla (if you realise the pet size gets smaller haha...) and finally decided to get hamsters again. In the end I choose hamsters because I have experience in keeping them plus I am not staying at my very own place so getting a pets that require to roam around the house is outta question.

It was 5 years ago since I had my last hamster. This time I did alot of research on what breed to get before settling down with my current pair.

I went many places to look for young babies (I tried waiting for adoption in the hamster forum but nothing I want pops up :/) in the pet shops... from SN(Serangoon North) to PLC (Pet lover centre) to many other petshops.

Previously I was quite sure that I will get a pair of pearl winter white but in the end I was melted at the sight of this pair of hamster I saw from a petshop in a tampines shopping mall. (not naming the pet shop name..)

I named them 虾饺 & 燒賣.

Needless to say the reason to name them after dimsums is to remember my times in HK. HAHA.

虾饺 is Winter White Sapphire and 燒賣 is a Normal Winter White.

I bought them on the 11th of June 2010 when they were about 4 weeks old I think.

I wanted a pair of female because I didn't want to breed them and I thought I can give it a try to house them together by getting younger hamster from the same litter.

BUT who knows...

1 weeks later I realise 虾饺 is getting thinner and weaker with a small bald patch on her back while 燒賣 is getting plumper and active. I took both of them back to the petshop and ask if there is anything wrong with 虾饺. The petshop merely said she is suffering from "fur dropping diseases" and insist me returning them back the hamster and ask me to pick a new one.

Everything happened too quickly and before I know, 虾饺 disappeared infront of me and I was led to the tank of hamster where I have to pick a new one. The Hubby was with me and was rather sad that 虾饺 got brought away because both of us really like her and she gets along really well with 燒賣.

Another shop assistant told me that I can only pick the same kind of hamster with the same color so he took out a few "females" sapphire winter white and place them one by one into the carrier which I placed 燒賣 inside. Finally we got one that 燒賣 seems to be able to get along with and decided to get that instead... I repeatedly ask the shop assistant if he is confirmed that the new hamster is a female and he said yes yes.

And so... I brought both of them back and they seems to settle down with each other quite quickly. Thou on somedays they are rather squeaky, 虾饺 have been really sweet by transporting beddings into the small house where both of them sleep in and keep each other warm.

Then 2 weeks later I realise something went amiss. 虾饺 have been humping 燒賣 ALOT. I started to suspect that maybe 虾饺 is a male but I read online that 2 female hamster do hump each other too to mark territory.

As day pass by, 虾饺 got more and more obsessed with the humping and I notice he have weird discharge (which i suspect is sperm) on the ground where he always pee. And suddenly, JUST SUDDENLY in the middle of the night sometime 2 weeks ago, 虾饺 squeaked VERY loudly, the familiar sound that I recognize when my old pair of hamster fought and have to be permanently separated. 燒賣 went crazy biting 虾饺's fur and refuse to let go. 虾饺 got so scared that he keeps falling off from the 3rd storey of the cage. The worst part is that I don't have a 2nd tank so I quickly emptied a storage container that I used to store their beddings, removed 虾饺 and put him into the container and think about what to do the next day.

And so the next day, I took 虾饺 and stomp into the pet shop and ask the shop assistant (not the one that pick the new hamster) if 虾饺 is a male. And he said yes, very obviously. So I told him, you really caused me alot of trouble by selling me 2 different gender when I don't have intention to breed them. The assistant then said, it's not me who pick the hamsters for you and that colleague of his got "problem" one. Got problem?! If no experience don't take the risk and pick gender for customer lor. Seriously...............

But before I stomp out of the petshop, I have to purchase another set of wheels, food dish and waterbottle but 虾饺's make shift place...

After separating both of them, I started to get worried about 燒賣 getting pregnant but after a few days I have decided that if she is really pregnant I can always give them up for adoption to people close to me who have keeping hamsters experience. Since I know they have to be kept separately permanently, this shall be her 1st and very last litter also.

Initially does start to look a little bigger everyday but after much waiting till this day, I can safely say she is not pregnant. 虾饺's "aiming" is rather lousy la. HAHA! Anyway it's a blessing in disguise. She is too young to be a mother too.

Now that 燒賣 is staying in a "condo" while 虾饺 is staying in a guppy tank, I felt a little unfair for them so just last week I bought X 2 1.5ft 5plan tank from SN and will be helping them to shift house this weekend. Still trying ways to make the tank into a 2 storey kind so am looking for the AB seton plaform thingy for them. Daiso was disappointing yesterday as I couldn't get anything that I saw some forumers bought for their hamsters. :/

The condo they used to stay together in.

燒賣 way of sleeping.

虾饺 way of sleeping.

More pictures here.



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