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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:07 PM

When the Husband and I were still in Hong Kong, we have been dreaming about the things we wanna buy if we get the chance to return Singapore. House & Car tops our priority.

One very fine afternoon after having a family lunch, I suggested all of us to pop by some car showroom for some window shopping.

I have always like big cars like Toyota Harrier, Estima. Small cars like Jazz/Fit is pretty cute too but we find them too small due to the Husband's height. Our first stop was Borneo Motor and was pretty blown away by the new Camry & Rav4.

I love the RAV4 because of it's size and it's sporty outlook while the Hubby likes the Camry for it's classy touch. But both was over budget. :P

After looking at RAV4, we suddenly recall that it has a smaller Brother call the RUSH. And so we hopped over to UBI where all the PI car dealers are.

We entered the very 1st store and set our eyes on the RUSH that was on display in the showroom. Little did we know that we will skip out of the store as happy car owners. ^^

I think this is the perfect car for us because it suits our lifestyle perfectly. It has potential to be "zhng" into a pretty cool car! :P

Just gave the baby a good shower the other day so decided to take some pictures of it while it's still sparkling clean. HEE.

Now that we have bought our dream car, and recently our dream house too, I can die a very happy person now! <3

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