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2nd HDB appointment + hammie babies update!
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:04 PM

After Siewmai gave birth to 7 cutie little babies, I have been busying making sure the mother is well fed and the babies not being neglected. I think Hargao the Dad feel very neglected and pretty unhappy with me. ><

They are 10 days old today and more furry as compared in the pictures. They are learning to eat small solid food which are broken down by the mother. Siewmai is a fantastic mum and I am very proud of her. ^^ the babies also starting to groom themselves like the adults. SO CUTE! I wonder how they learn it!

But Siewmai is still very protective of them. She always keep the babies covered but since the babies gets bigger, they like to roam around the cage. But when she notice the babies walking out from the "zone", she will bite them on the back and carry them back to the nest. Very cute and funny. HEE.

HDB 1st Appointment - 22nd Sept
The Husband and I took a day leave to service the car in the morning and to HDB in the afternoon. We were expecting to complete everything within 2 hours at HDB but ended up spending more than 3 hours stuck in the lawyer office.

We need to go to the lawyer office because we took up a bank loan instead of HDB loan. But the efficiency of the lawyer office is super lousy and the assistant (we only met the actual lawyer for like 3 minutes?!) is super blur and got all calculation wrong and my agent is super pissed off with him. -_- nice.

Before we signed the OTP with the owner, we promise to let them extend their stay for another 2 months. But on the day of 1st appointment, they made us signed a handwritten letter stating that if they stay beyond the 2 months, they will pay us a monthly rent of 2.5k. My dad then reminded us that it might be illegal to do so.

To be honest, I am not keen with the 2.5k at all. I just wan to get the house like ASAP. I understand that they have yet to find a new place but I really hate to let it drag. Initially I thought we might be able to get the keys by end of this year. But it seems like we can only do so early next year. So depressing. :( My sister got their house later than us but are expecting to collect keys before Xmas. ugh.

I have bought alottttt of home deco mag and my uncle have given us quite abit too. And I came across this form in Squareroom where you can fax in with your floorplan and get free quotes from ID company. My warning is.. PLEASE DON'T FAX in! There is nothing call FREE because I have been pestered by this particular ID who have been bombarding me with phone calls and smses and ask me to go down and meet her. LIKE HELLO it stated no obligation right!?

Lastly I have been pretty stressed up and busy with my dear sister n my besties' big day. Both falls on the same day! I am very very happy for them but at the same time worried that I can't help them enough. I will still try my best to make sure everything is alright and perfect for them. :)

Mid-week today! I can't wait for weekend to come!


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