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I am a proud grandma today!
Sunday, September 19, 2010 10:41 PM

My baby, Siew Mai the hamster gave birth to some beautiful babies today! I can't confirm the headcount because she is extremely protective of them now. But I did see alot of moving pink legs! :P

I have already suspected her to be pregnant due to her size and also her nesting instinct. But little did I know she will give birth so quickly!

I was out the whole day today but before I left home, I promise to clean her tank after I return later. Because once hamster have given birth, it's best not to interfer their habitat for at least 2 weeks so to play safe I wanna change just before she give birth.

Sorry baby that I wasn't around to give you moral support but I'm so proud of you! <3 xx

And congrats to Har Gao promoting to be daddy now! I think he heard the babies crying and is trying to steal glance of his products. :P

Picture too dark to see them but I can hear the babies "crying" now! Hee

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