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My twenty-six celebration.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11:23 AM

+ 1 week more to our 1st appointment with HDB!

About a month ago, on the 22nd of August, I celebrated my 26th birthday, this time round in Singapore!

Sorry that I took so long to blog about it but I have been insanely busy with Omocha Land (goods have finally arrived so thank god!) and also busy slimming down, reading up on home reno... Actually I am just pure lazy in posting pictures la. :P

Celebration kicks off on the 20th Aug by having a perfect dinner with my primary school lovelies @ Quality Hotel. I am soooo in love with the porridge buffet! Thou Max can't make it due to chicken pox, we had a great time catching up and laughing over gross jokes. :P Thanks Jun, Zihua & Zave! ^^

On the 21st, which is a Saturday, the husband's besties decided to have potluck over at our place. They brought soooo much food and we da bao-ed different taste hor fan & fried rice in the end also couldn't finish. ><

Jasmine and I tried to get the induction stove working as she wants to fry some dumping but turn out it's spoilt after not using it for a longggg time. It caused a major power trip and I panicked because the circuit breaker can't work at all. In the end the Husband have to call the electrician to solve it. Super fulfilling day. :P

The day ended with Mahjong and a lovely birthday cake for me from all of them. Thanks for remembering my birthday! <3

On the 22nd, I had birthday lunch with my family @ Bosses Restaurant, Vivocity. I always loved the place because they have really good fried rice and soup! Too bad they no longer have the pig intestine soup. :( Ate the birthday for the 3rd time! And coincidently, all 3 are from Bakerzin! HAHA!

After lunch, we shopped around and went back home to prepare for Sasikala's wedding at night. (I knew her since Kindergarten and we were in the same Secondary school class throughout!)

It's my 1st time attending an Indian wedding and I am impressed by how grand it is! We chinese should stop complaining about how tedious a traditional wedding is. Look at the Indian wedding! It's like 100x more tedious!

After the traditional ceremony is over, we all proceed to have our dinner and boy, it's super nice and have a wide variety of food!

Chatted with the secondary school mates over dinner. Some of us havent seen each other for a longgggg time but it feels like just yesterday we graduated from school! Look at Sadat! The most notorious boy from my class is married with 2 kids already. Shit I feel so old now. -_-

After being very distracted from all the catching up and gossiping, a birthday cake sprung outta no where and gave me a super pleasant surprise! :) what's better than celebrating your birthday at a wedding, in an Indian temple!?


From the husband, a couple tee from DCP and Balenciaga city bag in Canard! Bought the bag while we were still in HK. ^^


From my sister, is a super pretty Longchamp Le Pliage Butterfly series LE!

Last but not least from my besties!

Left from secondary school besties and right from the primary school besties! ^^

Thanks my lovelies! My life wouldn't be completed without every single one of you! <3 Thanks for making my birthday so memorable, as usual!



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