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Starhub & iPhone 4 rant.
Monday, October 18, 2010 11:39 AM

I have been telling myself that, MAYBE I won't rush into getting the iPhone 4.

The husband's iPhone 3g is super CHUI already so I decided to use my Singtel line to get the iPhone 4 for him. Getting it online can have a $30 off somemore and comes with a free microSD adaptor. Best thing is that is has available stock. Like PLENTY of it.

After the husband got his hands on his new toy, I got the privilege to "test drive". O M G can it's so much better than the 3g. And soooooo I am super tempted to get 1 for myself!

The Husband managed to get a $200 e-voucher from SH and so the 16gb cost only like $200?!

But now... the problem is Starhub's iPhone seems to be OOS all the time. AND I MEAN ALL THE TIME!

We reserved one at the Starhub UOB branch a month. No news, no sound no picture. I went to Tampines, OOS. I went to Plaza Sing, OOS. I ask the PS branch about the pre-order and they say they don't have the pre-order list of other branch. And the funniest thing is that CSO have the cheek to say, "I don't think we have a branch in Tampines mall". Good lord. HELLO STARHUB can you please make sure you train your staff well!?

Now, the CSO says "Walk-in in december and sure can get on the spot". How come you can be so sure? Are you guys trying to hide the phones and push all the purchases to December to make your sales looks better during year end?

But does it works when customers couldn't wait any longer and decided to port their line to Singtel or M1? I don't get it why ST and M1 can have almost ready stock all the time but SH always have OOS issue.

Eh hello, you don't Apple pattern meh? Maybe early next year will have new iPhone already and December is already like 1/2 the life-span of the freshness of the iPhone 4!

And the worst part is their service hotline always super congested. Have to wait AT LEAST 30minutes before you can speak to a CSO.

You have just lost a very loyal customer here. No more Starhub, be it mobile line or broadband. (Okie cable TV is bo bian ><) I am so gonna ask the Husband to port his line to Singtel, like TONIGHT. UGH.



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