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03.11.2010 3.30pm
Wednesday, November 03, 2010 10:09 AM

Today we will be proud owners of our 1st home! WOOHOOO!!

Thou we won't be getting the keys yet since the 2 months extension as requested by the seller starts today, we are still excited!

2 weeks back we went to a few IDs trying to get quotation and is currently waiting for their replies. And it does seems like we have to bust our 50k reno budget. The reno cost totally slip out of our mind when we decided to buy an old EM. :/

Wish the Husband is here with me today to share the joy. But he is currently in Brunei for work and will only be back by Saturday. :(

Nevertheless I will have a good date tonight with my dear Ailing Mei! ^^

Have fun looking forward to the long weekend peeps! x



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