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Reminiscing 2010
Monday, January 03, 2011 11:23 AM

- Snipped away my long hair.
- Omocha-Land's 1st outdoor sales.
- Edwin & Cailin visiting us in HK. Happy Engagement!
- Crazily cold Hong Kong weather.
- Both of us down with food poisonig. Uh-huh.

- Flew back to SG for CNY
- Reunion dinner with my parents.
- V-day on 1st day of CNY so not much of a celebration.
- I gave him LVoe and he gave me the best present ever (revealed in the later part)
- Visited Perth. Had the best Fish & Chip.
- Crazily high humidity weather in HK. EVERYTHING TURN MOLDY.

- Besties (Ailing, Kaijing & Dylan) visited us in HK.
- My 1st white Wayfarer.
- Ate 3 pounds of cakes just to finish collecting the Rilakkuma plates.

- Busy putting our lives into boxes. :)
- Busy looking for new tenant to take over our apartment.
- My 1st Balenciaga from the Husband

- After 2 painful months of waiting, we are finally back to Singapore for good. Best gift ever. :)

- Bought Toyota Rush.
- 3rd Year ROM-niversary @ Petes'.

- New winter white hamsters, 虾饺 & 燒賣. :)

- Celebrated my 26th with family and my favorite friends.
- Attended my 1st Indian wedding.
- Bought our very own home.

- 1st HDB appointment.
- Birth of 7 baby hamsters,

- Month of Love. :)
- Sister's ROM & bestie Jun's wedding.
- iPhone 4.
- Joined California fitness, AGAIN.

- Celebrated 2nd year Wedding Anniversary at some burger joint. Nice.
- Fell down the blardy stairs at home. (Still finds it unbelievable).
- Final HDB appointment.
- Happiness. Sadness. Confusion. Tears. Joy.

- Never puke so much in my entire life. Worst hangover next day.
- Losing myself in the whirlpool of unhappiness.
- Attended Joce & April's weddings. :)
- Kept reminding myself what happiness is really about.

My resolution for 2010 was 80% fulfilled. I am not greedy. :P

Resolution for 2011? I seriously have no idea what to wish for...

If you mean material stuff, it gotta be the long await GF-2, new iPad and more Bals. But since the shopping bug in me died long time ago, I will just put everything into my wishlist (except for GF-2. It's a MUST buy. :P).

And what I really hope for in 2011? I wish for eternal happiness. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever I am with, I wish for happiness..

Have a wonderful 2011, everyone. :)


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