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Monday, March 19, 2007 8:40 AM

Weekend was as usual spent over at baby's place. On Saturday we went to look for more accessories for the camera at Cathay. We bought a RS-60E3 Shutter Remote Switch which can perfect night shot... a Manfrotto 190XB with 486RC2 ball head plus a carrying bag. Actually I am quite happy with the purchase because I got a pretty good deal for all the items.

I almost had the "guts" to purchase the 10-22mm off the shelf but baby stopped me from doing so. :/ I am oh so yearning to take really nice photos with that wide angle lens but maybe I should halt all my camera accessories shopping until my next pay day. Really hope to get it for my Hong Kong trip so that I can capture the beautiful night scene of The Peak!

Anyway, after all the shopping, we went around Chinatown and Esplanade to take photos using all the stuff we bought. The Remote Switch is sucha sweet device! You can never go wrong with it to take night shots. Almost pefect!

A tripod and a remote switch works best with 30 seconds exposure. You can even sit down, had a sip, let out a fart and return to your camera!

Actually the kit lens can be a great WA lens. I heard so much bad comments on it but I feel that it's really up to the user to fully utilise it. (of course a 10-22mm would be perfect!)

Caught 300 the movie. Erm... I am not sure why alot of people find the show disturbing... but I love the overall effect of it. The color... the effect. Great.

Not sure if you remember, Ling mei, but we used to drool over the Phantom in the movie, Phantom Of The Opera. Omg King Leonidas, performed by Gerard Butler, IS THE PHANTOM! Initially I didn't even recall but I vivdly recognise that pair of bunny teeth! Totally DROOL-ABLE! Perhaps you will love that naked butt scene! HAHA! Anyway, good luck for your exams, mei!



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