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Monday, July 30, 2007 10:20 AM

Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does.
Can he swing- from a web?
No he cant, he's a pig.
loooook out, he is the spiderpig!

LOLOLOLOL. Best 2D cartoon ever!! Man... I just couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie. It was soooooooo good! Definitely brighten up my day!

So this is prolly how baby and I looks like in the Simpsons World. HAHA!

Create yours @!

Saturday we both had our hair trimmed and I snipped off about 10cm off my heavy head. I never really felt so good before after getting my long hair trimmed. I used to dread about cutting hair but my uber long hair is irritating me and getting difficult to manage. 10 months or more since my last hair cut!

Anyway Randy have been my hairstylist for almost 8 years. I have been with the same stylist since I visited Reds @ Bugis... then Randy went to The Scene @ Wisma... and now Kelture @ Shaw. He is the only stylist who is willing to listen and cut what you want. And he is definitely the most decent male stylist I have ever seen. From my Secondary 1 spikey short hair to the scary long hair which he dread to see, I never once felt disappointed about the hair cut he gave me. There was once or twice when I want to try some other salon, they tramatize me and I swear I have to go back to Randy as I know only he can do the job well.

When he knows that I am getting married, he looks like a Dad who got very excited about his daughter tying the knot. How time flies! Like mention, I still look like the young student whom he 1st get to know, and now I am actually getting married. Hee...

Sunday we attended The Fullerton Wedding show. Pretty eye opening event with all the "exhibits" of the display pieces and food for wedding ballroom... We got the quotations for the dinner too.

They have pretty attractive promotion for the "on-the-spot" banquet confirmation but we have yet to set a date for the AD wedding. Sigh. Fullerton is sucha nice place to have a romantic wedding but the ballroom is way too enlongated which makes the guests at the side of the ballroom very isolated. Perhaps we should go take a look at The Oriental too as I love the location and the theme of the hotel.

Hopefully the astrology will speed up with the process of calculating the dates!

At the wedding shows, there are displays and fashion show for Ted Wu's gowns and displays of photos by Chris Ling. Man, you pay for what you get. Thou they are pricey, but they are definitely way above the rest in their line.

Now I am seriously considering to MTM my evening gown too... hopefully the end results will be good!

After the wedding show, we hop over to Marina Square to get the ballhead for the tripod which baby bought for me on Saturday. I am sucha happy girl now! 3 items off my wishlist. 1st the speedlite, now the tripod and ballhead! I need to go shooting soon to make full use of my equipments! The buy buy virus is catching up! >< Thank you baby for the tripod! ^^

Please stop raining! It spoiling most of our plans. :(

Baby is sorta back to the blogging scene. Don't know how long more he will blog but here, do visit his spanking new site!

Many <3!

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