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My husband...
Thursday, July 19, 2007 2:07 PM

is the blur-est person I have ever met in my wholeeeeeeeeee life. Tsktsk.

Yesterday at 11pm+, he woke me up from my sleep with his call, sounding very frantic, saying he lost his mobilephone. It took me quite awhile before realising he called me using his office phone.

So I asked him where did he go just now and he told me he had dinner @ Bedok after work and went home. Only when he was about to open his door, he realised his phone is not in his pocket and he quickly went back to office and look for it.

He was very nervous because it's not inside the office and he was very sure that he didn't take out his phone when he left the office. So I told him, could it be inside the car?

His car is like a manhole. I always had difficulties to look for the things I dropped inside it.

And so, he came out with the "brightest" idea. I shall keep calling his phone until he reaches his car. Everytime when the phone rings, my heart skip a beat as I am worried someone may pick up or switch off the phone if it's stolen.

After 4-5 tries, someone picks up the phone. Oh my godness, it's my husband. The phone was indeed in his car.

He is so funny la. HAHAHA! He should have just gone home, use his home phone to call his mobile and check for ringing sound instead of rushing all the way back to the office! *smack forehead*

He promised to call me yesterday after his shower but I got a little worried when he call so this morning I smsed him. No reply.

I called. No reply. Again and again I called he didn't pick up. I was worried that something might happened to him at home. I tried emailing him but I know he was supposed to attend a course today so I doubt he will get to see my mail.

Was very worried whole day so I decided to make a trip back home after lunch with my sister.

When I reach the gate, the car is nowhere to be found so very sure he went to work already. So I got into the house, use my mobilephone to call his and I heard his ringing tone. Alamak. The phone was on the floor. He was prolly late for work and totally forgotten that his phone was the floor and rush out of the house.

It may be his job that makes him all confuse, tired and screwed-up bio clock. Afterall, who will work until 3am in the morning in his team?! His job is really slowly eating him up... and also the time we use to meet up. Now I only get to see him during the weekends... what kind of married life is this.



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