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Good news!
Thursday, August 30, 2007 5:50 PM

I am officially an Oriental bride!

The week started off with the bad news from The Oriental Hotel saying that our initial choice of date, 18.10.2008 is confirmed taken by another couple. I was very depressed because that date is a very nice date to remember and it's a 大吉日. The Husband assure me that things will be looking bright soon...

I decided to give the whole list of date from the geomancer to the coordinator to see which date their ballroom will be available and she replied saying 15.11.2008 is the only date free from tentative booking. I have got no choice but to do a tentative booking on 15.11.2008 and wait for the next best date, 01.11.2008 which is also tentative booked by another couple, to be released by them.

And today, the coordinator emailed us and tell us the good news, the couple decided to release the date, 01.11.2008! YAY!! It's a 大吉日 too! The Husband and I got really excited and decided to confirm our booking and view the ballroom this Saturday!

So yes... We are having our Customary wedding on...


So happy so happy! Now we can go back to the geomancer and get all the specific details for our customary wedding like 过大礼,安床, 派礼饼 and giving out invitation card. We also need to go down to the bridal shop and start MTM-ing the gowns and suits... Wait for Wansheng to come back from Sydney and confirm the photography package...

I know it's more than a year away but hey, it's better to settle everything fast then 零时抱佛脚!

Please do share my joy! :)



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