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My Sister.
Wednesday, August 01, 2007 9:39 AM

Many people told me... "You're so close with your sister!".

Well, of course...

We came out from the same hole.
We share the same surname.
We flow the same blood.
We stay under the same roof.
We drives the same car.
We share mindless joke.
We share problems and happiness.
We often goes shopping together.
We gave each other the best gift each year.
We work in the same company.
We face each other for almost 20 hours a day.

What to say... we are almost like twin.

Thou we are 5 years apart, grows up to be 2 very different personality, we have a bond that no one can ever break or replace. Afterall, she is my bloody (ehem, by blood) elder sister. Thou sometimes it's hair pulling to face her as she is so blardy stubborn and piss me off like crazy, she is a very lovely person.

She is very conservative, reserve and stern. While me, outgoing, acting crazy day and night and often take things easy. I guess it's a good balance because as years goes by, we positively influence each other to be a better person.

When she feels upset, my heart unconsciously cries for her. It ache every now and then when I know she haven't found the happiness that I know she is yearning for. She is a very good girl and I know she deserves the kind of love that she have been wishing for. I have been praying for her ever since I know she deserve it more than me...

I am not someone who openly show love to my family member... nor I will get to hug them and tell them how much I love them. My sister will prolly not know about this entry as she doesn't read my blog thou she knows I own one, but I seriously hope she understand...

understand that there are bound to be setbacks in life... where you get to lose someone important in your life. But on the controversy you will gain something after you lose some. Because life is full of surprise... No matter how upset you might get, you know you have my shoulder to lie on... my ears to listen to your rantings. Friends may betray you... but mummy, daddy and I will never.

Leave behind the closed door... walk towards a positive opening door. We love you!



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