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New layout!
Tuesday, August 28, 2007 12:05 PM

Finally it's up!

Not sure how long I have been using the previous one. Probably more than a year. Have been procrastinating to do a new one. Partially it's because I can't seems to find a right image for the header... and also a tagline with impact to use along with it.

So one day as I was showering... this line floats into my mind...


I love it! Not sure if anyone else came out with that too but it is something from me now la. Hee.

The photo is taken by my dearesssssst Ailing Mei! *clap clap clap*. Hee!

How adapt. Perhaps I should add this line into my next lyrics.

Updated on the Love page with the proposal details... and wedding preparation. Seems like there are alot of things to be done on our big day.

Decided to add on a not-so-detailed page of me with Blythe Hall Of Fame. Have yet to add on the dolls as myself also lost count of how many and who I have. ><

Bad news from yesterday: one of the date that we want to hold our AD wedding got taken up already. Now we are waiting for the next day available. Pray hard for us! :(

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