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Friday, September 07, 2007 9:16 AM

Look ma, who is coming to town!?

Talking about coincidence, 2 days ago I was staying over at the husband's and we were watching videos of David Copperfield. We are really into it and I was hoping that someday we will be able to watch it live together.

Who knows the next day, I read it on the papers that DC is coming to Singapore after 6 (yes?) long years! Freaky but amazing!

And of course I quickly rushed to Sistic's website and check out for good seats. Decided to buy the most expensive one but not THAT near like what the Husband thought when he ask me this...:

"Will he ask us up to the stage to perform?"

I thought that was rather cute. HEHEHE! Don't saw me into half! ><

Anyway I was on MC again yesterday. Poor husband have to take time off and bring me to the doctor. LS until whole body went wobbly... not sure if its the infection's virus went up to my tummy or I simply had bad food. :/

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