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The Oriental Hotel
Tuesday, September 04, 2007 12:15 PM

Poor Husband is down with bad flu and cough while I am suffering from infection and feeling very lerthargic now. Had mc yesterday and stayed at home with the husband.

Drove to Parkway to buy lunch for husband and myself and it took me almost 2 hours to travel to Parkway and back home. Usually it only take us about 6 minutes drive to reach Parkway. It was raining so blardy heavily and the traffic was SOOOOOOOOO jam. The worse thing is that at 2pm, there are still SOO many people out there having lunch. Sigh.

So here we are back to work today, dragging our feet. Feeling like sai now. :(

Last Saturday, we went down to The Oriental and viewed the ballroom. Very impressive! I really love the hotel. Looking forward to our dream wedding! Tee-hee.

Sandy, our coordinator is really nice. I have heard alot of negative stories about wedding coordinators from different hotels and I am glad mine is safe. Sandy brought us to tour the hotel and we had a peek at the bridal suite. Very nice! Very blessed to know we will have our chance to stay in it on our big day.

We have yet to choose the menu and the theme for our wedding. But here are some pictures of the 4 different themes available:

I love Dream Theme. <3<3 If our parents have no objections to the dark colors, we will definitely go for it. Keeping our finger crossed!

In the evening, I met up with Kaijing & Ailing in Taka to collect the surprises for our dear Peili. We have planned a birthday surprise for her at PartyWorld KTV.

One of the waiter spoilt our surprise la. Because we actually placed the cake with them for safekeeping 1st but in the end the waiter came in half way and ask me loudly, "Miss ah, the CAKE har... blah blah..."

I was taken aback and told him later later. But he simply don't get the hint and keep repeating his question. Ailing mei was so pissed that she said something like, "Can you wait for us and settle it outside?". Together with a deadly glare. Hahaah classic!

Anyway we are glad Peili still likes what we did for her. It's really nice to spend birthday together with buddies. I hope we can do this together every year for all 4 of us!

Love this bunch of girls! Thou I wasn't very close to Peili and Kaijing while in secondary school, I am glad we are now. These 3 girls are definitely keepers! Muah! <3 And not forgetting the boys, Dylan and Chungsiak! hahah! The torns among the roses! How can the group do without them!

Sunday was celebration for my Ah Mah's birthday! Will go into details when I am ready to upload the photos!

Good day everyone! Happy Birthday to Peili! And get well soon baby!

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