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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 9:08 AM

I am back!

You know, the weekend was sucha blast that I am suffering from the weekend-withdrawal-syndrome now. Sigh.

Saturday we had a great birthday cekebration for our dear Kaijing. We met up at Marina Square for dinner at Changing Appetite and proceed to Zouk/Phuture after that.

We reached Zouk like 9pm and hardly see a single soul except for their staff. Too early! But at least we can avoid the uber long queue at the entrance if we came in later.

Attendance: Kaijing, Francis (kj's bf), Peili, Ling Mei, Me, Dennis <3, Huihuang, Guangming, Dylan and Chungsiak!

Zouk was almost dead quiet but Phuture was so pack that we felt like sardines. We can't really move much but dance on-the-spot. Poor Peili and Ling Mei attracted alot of "bees" and the boys from our group have to form a circle to bump them off. It's quite funny actually.

Kaijing was telling me that the Husband was rather worried about me as we girls went ahead to Phuture without the guys 1st while the guys was left in Zouk to finish the 2 jugs of Long Island Tea. Come on baby, you gotta know your wife will attract no bees! HAHA!

The birthday girl and boyfriend left earlier as they were pretty tired. The rest of us party till 1 plus and trottle to the prata shop and have our supper and TCSS session.

I like these kind of get together. It makes you feel very safe with all your close friends around. :) And I hope you had a great time, Kaijing! Thanks Peili for organising!

The Husband and I reaches home at about 4am and we crash the bed after showering. But we didn't sleep till afternoon because...

At 9am in the morning, my Mum called and told me that a neighbour next to our jurong house saw someone jumping over from our gate and worried that it might be a break-in or something.

We hardly stay in that apartment because it's so blardy far and inconvenient. We only get to stay there once a year for CNY. Always try to urge my Dad to sell it away but he always says that maybe we should wait for the rise in property. Waste time, waste money, waste resources.

Probably because the house looks almost like abandon so we suspect there are foreign workers sleeping at our porch. We rush over to Jurong (omg so far!!!) and found nothing unusual inside the house. But the porch and the back of the house looks like it has been swept clean that's why we suspect there are people sleeping on the floor. Hope it won't happen again. Ugh.

After leaving the house, the Husband and I felt like having MCD for breakfast so we went to KAP but we spent almost like 30 minute to reach because we kept missing the turn and found ourselves going round and round in the same area.

We thought it would be good to rot our Sunday at home this week because we are saving for our BKK trip (OMG IT'S NEXT FRIDAY! ^^) and we are still feeling very tired due to the night before. We ordered KFC for dinner after woking up from a nap and the Husband have to go back to work for 3 hours. I think the bank should give him an award for being sucha faithful worker. HAHA.

So within the 3 hours I got left at home, I quickly iron all his shirts and pants, sweep the floor and caught CSI on time. HEE. When the Husband came back, we had a Prison Break 2 marathon.

This Thursday I will be going for my dental appointment regarding the funny looking extra tooth. Thou I am still contemplating about removing it, it really took me huge courage to book an appointment at NDC. I really hate tooth extraction but I guess there are no other choices. :( Hope it won't hurt much!

Regarding my previous entry... nope, not referring to any of my ex-bf la. Haha... They don't really worth one entry space in my blog. :) No offence but everyone have found their happiness and I can't be happier now with my husband.

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