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Love is an amazing thing...
Thursday, October 04, 2007 8:54 AM

Actually recently I haven't been feeling exactly right.

Sometimes I felt really tiring to juggle so many things at one go. Family, marriage, friendship, work, composing...

It's not like anyone of them have given me any problems... but it's more like I have been too concern about my love ones to the extend of being paranoid. It's tiring to be very careful with words and emotional conflict.

And life is full of deadlines to meets. Having to race against the time is really... maddening.

I have been feeling very hectic. Hectic till the extend I have forgotten to breath at times. I only realise when my heart suddenly start pumping very quickly and my body went numb.

I really need that bit of considerate from people around me. I need understanding. I need time.

All this while I have been really independent on myself. But ever since I am married, I started leaning more on my Husband... He became my pillar of support and I never felt so excited over weekends before.

Thou weekends are only 48 hours but I really thank god for the 48 hours. It's enough to calm me down before the weekdays starts again...

Thank you baby for constantly telling me you love me because your love keeps me going... and the kiss on the forehead that night when I am asleep touches my heart so much that I cried for the happiness I had.

So looking forward to our short getaway...

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