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A day I NEVER want to remember...
Wednesday, November 07, 2007 11:06 PM

I just came back home after a whole lot o trauma at home. My grandma fell down again and suffered a long and deep cut on her head, near the eye brow. It totally scare the shit out of us... Sigh.

Not exactly sure how she fell but my Uncle was just minutes away from home buying dinner for her, and when he got back, my grandma was already sitting on the floor with blood all over. Thank god we stay like steps away from them.

It's not like we were given a choice but Raffles Hospital is the nearest hospital we can reach at the shortest time. We had really bad experience there when my grandma was admitted months back. They gave too strong dosage of tranquilizer which almost drives her crazy.

Anyway this time isn't much better.

We admitted her to the A&E because she was bleeding quite badly. And she is an old lady so we worried that she suffers more than just cuts.

But the hospital was so blardy short handed! We waited for almost half an hour before the doctor came. Hello? IT'S A&E leh! What if it's like a heart attack patient?! I can't believe there is only one doctor for godness sake.

Then the doctor is so impatient. As a doctor, you should understand that young children and old people are usually hard to keep still and calm. So naturally they will get frustrated and uncomfortable! When he was stitching my grandma's wound and my grandma figid, he shouted her to keep still. It's so loud that I can hear from outside. It's so unreasonable!

So don't be deceived by the outlook of the hospital. So what if it's posh and grand? Their service sucks.

Earlier on in the afternoon, my Uncle's car was found smashed and laptop missing after returning from lunch. How daring are thieves these days.

The only good thing that happened today is a phone call from Warner Chappell Taiwan. The manager is coming to town and she wants to meet up and talk about recontract. So that means... I have to postpone my tooth extraction date.

It's a long and tiring day. I wish everything will be fine after a good night sleep.



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