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Life is full of surprises!
Thursday, December 06, 2007 9:29 AM

My husband's birthday this year was a simple affair as he felt "sian" because of his 2 weeks reservist. I chipped in for his new specs from Oakley and the Bintan trip. Hope he love the presents!

Wanted to do something more to surprise him and coincidently, Kaijing and I were discussing about doing present delivery so I google and chance upon this company who will do same day delivery for orders before 11am and by the time i wanna order, it's already 1040am! And so, I quickly browse thru for the best cake and fill up the order form. I was pretty impressed with their service because they called me 10 minutes after I sent in my order and even thou it's a little rush, they still try their best to accomodate my order. All thanks to them, I made my Husband a very happy man on his birthday. :)

To ensure I got the Husband's office address correct, I tried ways to double confirm it...

Me: "Bee bee, the address in ur signature is ur office address ah?"

Him: "Yes. Y?? bee sending me surprise ah?"

Me: "No la. We planning to send flowers to Ailing on her bday. But duno how to ask her for her address without arousing her suspicions.... so the only way is to use the address in her signature. Heheeh bee bee u dun xiu ka juey hor!"

(hahahah sorry ah ailing mei! must use your name to divert his suspicion!)

Him: "Aiyo bee bee bo shim ahhhhh."

(After waiting anxiously for 4 hours, worrying that the cake delivery may screw up, he finally emailed me!)

Him: "Woo bee!!! Love u!!! I received the wonderful cake! Haha."

He told me the cake is sooooooo "dua ling kong". I didn't realise 2kg cake can be that big. I thought he may have lotsa colleagues to share among with ma. But anyway, I am glad he likes it. :)

The sky just couldn't stop raining! Yesterday we woke up at 5.30am for him to prepare for reservist and I prepare for breakfast. Send him out to take a cab and I quickly went back home to catch another hour of sleep.

When I step out of the house, it started drizzling. I can't believe my luck man. The worse thing was I left my umbrella at homeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, yes, it just couldn't stop raining. But after work, Sister and I have to go Town to exchange my Dad's bday present. While waiting for my Sister, the Husband smsed me:

Him: "Where are you bee?"

Me: "I'm downstairs at my place waiting for my Sister to take the bag we bought for my Dad for exchange. After that I go back to your place lor. You leh? Your side raining or not? No training?"

Him: "What time u going to my place?"

Me: "Hmm maybe 7? Why? Need me to buy dinner for your sister?"

Him:"Dun need ba. Got to go training liao. Ttyl."

Me: "Okie! Hugs!"

And so, as my Sister and I were turning into CTE, my phone rings and it's the Husband. He told me he is standing outside his house, under the rain! That's when I recall his keys are with me. I left my set with his Sister and suey suey his Sister went out. Poor boy all drench already!

Town was BLARDY jam and once we turn into CTE, there is no point of return. I decided to drop off at Heeren and take a cab from there. But we were stuck in the middle of the jam and it took me 20 minutes to reach Heeren (normally 5-8 minutes) for the taxi stand. The queue wasn't exactly long but most cabs are on call and the jam slow down the number of cabs coming in! So frustrating! It took me about 45 minutes to get a cab and 20 minutes to Husband's house!

By the time I reach home, the Husband had already climb over the gate and sat on his car's bonnet waiting for me. Aiyooooooo poor thing! But I am really really glad he is back because I start missing the very moment he left his house in the morning...

Thanks for surprising me baby! But remember, at the right moment hor! HEE!

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