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Backdated peektures update!
Thursday, January 31, 2008 9:07 AM

All the way back to the 1st day of 2008!

Baby and I didn't have special plans for new year so we had a lunch over at Carls @ Marina and back home watching tv. Life couldn't be better when it's simple sometimes.

The thing about my family is, we practically have good dinner or lunch together whenever one of our adults is celebrating their birthday. Shang Palace is one of the most prestige dinner so far! Happy Birthday to my uncle!

The Lj-er haven't been meeting up for the longest time so after much discussion, we decided to have a really atas dinner @ Equinox. Perhaps am not so into fine dining, I don't think I will be going back unless it's for really special occasion. Too bad NAB was closed for private event that day. So we ended the night pretty early.

Yes, I felt a little underdressed. :(

Mentioned in my previous entry, my darling mei bought me a bouquet of sunflower! ^^ So pretty la!

It's was my Mum's XXth Birthday on the 24th of Jan! (Sorry but woman's age is a secret! haha!) We had dinner @ HK Street cafe and a little cake cutting at home. Love my mum!

Met up with Ailing mei 2 days ago for dinner and we had a really good one @ SiChuanDouHua, UOB Plaza. I always love eating there because they have the best Ee-fu noodle and 3-seafood curry combination. Woot! Look at those golden fried bun! They are the BEST!

I just have to say this: "IF YOU'RE NOT SMART, DON'T ACT SMART!"

After dinner, Ailing was travelling on a train alone back home when this family of 4(?) was staring at her Tiffany necklace which we bought for her. The younger daughter nudge her elder sister to take a look at it and guess what the elder sister said?

She told her family that Ailing's one is from china, fake one and only she is wearing the real one.

Like WTF can? She must be either blind, or she is so blardy full of herself. Seriously, if I was with Ailing the other day, I will prolly go up to that idiotic girl and dare her to go to Tiffany with me for a authenticity test for both necklace! You mean only you can afford a Tiffany?!

I can't stand such people. They are full of trash and I kinda pity them that they have to deceive themselves to feel better. Maybe the LV bag she is carrying is FAKE!

In short, STFU if you know nothing! Such people make me sick!

Oh yes, did I mention that I have a love and hate relation with CNY? All the spring cleaning and crowd in town tire me out like 100 times more than a 10km run. -_-

What I love about CNY? I get to eat Ba-kua and mee-sua! Haha!

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