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Can't help it.
Friday, January 11, 2008 10:15 AM

One of the things Singaporeans are good at is complaining. I can't deny, especially the younger generation.

1st, they complain about increase of GST. (In the end still shop so much.)
2nd, they complain about ERP. (Ok, I complained too since it's affecting me quite badly. haha)
3rd, they complain about the hike in cab fare. (But still take!)
4th, they complain about no money because of the standard of living in Singapore these days. (which I sorta agree.)

But I find it really amusing when people start to critize the sales of Cityview @ Boon Keng.

I took a peek at the forums dicussing about the new project and I was quite surprise that almost 90% of the people thinks that Cityview is not a good buy and encourage people NOT to buy.

Because a 5 room HDB flat is selling at about 710k.

The forumers says that Boon Keng is not a good location because the traffic condition is bad... it's near Singapore casket... it's surrounded by ERP... alot of industrial building... But seems like people who gave such comments are not people living in that area.

I have been living in that area for my entire life. And how come I have no complains at all?

Traffic Condition: Tell me about it. WHICH area will not have jam during peak hours? Which central and town area?

Near Singapore casket: Why do people still stay in Yio Chu Kang, Bishan & Sin ming? (And come on la, it's NOT THAT NEAR to Singapore casket lor.)

Surrounded by ERP: Which expressway exit and entrance have no ERP now!?

Too much of industrial area: Do you know that some of the industrial building are tearing down?

Some people thinks that paying so much for a HDB flat, why not just buy a condo?

1) You won't get govt grants for buying a Condo.
2) Cannot get lower interest loan like HDB from Banks. (Not even EC.)
3) Can you still find sucha good location NEW flat with good views around that area?

So what if Condo have better facilities? Out of 10 resident, how many actually fully utilise them?

So what if Condo have better security? Does it means no crimes at all?

If some private developers decided to build a HDB flat in Orchard road, do you think the price will be lower than CityView's price? Does staying in Orchard means no ERP, no jam? Yes, you can walk to different shopping malls but don't you want to get out of the Town once in a while?

Boon Keng is also surrounded by many different expressway entrance and exit so near to each other.

You can't deny Boon Keng is very blardy near to Orchard. It usually takes me like 10 minutes drive, 15 minutes mrt ride or 30 minutes bus ride to Town. Cityview is surround by all different kind of public transport. So what if there is really jam during peak hours? It also benefit residents who doesn't own a car.

Whatever you need, you name it, they have it. They are all so near to the flat.

School, clinic, hospital, mrt, bus stop, post office, banks, market, shopping mall, supermarket, petrol station, car repair, fast food, community center, an under construction sports hub, food market, swimming complex.. what else seriously?

I have nothing against people who decided to buy a private property or Condo. These are people who are able to live a luxury lives. (And also people who can't buy HDB flats due to their high income.) There is no right or wrong to choose what they are most comfortable with but I don't see the need for people to condemn about this new project which many other are really interested in it. There must be some reason why potiental buyers see the good prospect of this new project.

Yes, a ceiling income of 8k is almost impossible to pay off this flat comfortably but how do you know that potiential buyer have no spare cash in their pocket somewhere?

And why is everyone talking about the 710k flat? What about the 550k 5 rooms? What about those who are entitled for the MCPS grants (like myself)? No one is pointing the knife at you to buy the 710k one.

There are so many condo selling at skyrocking price, why no one is complaining when Cityview is almost like half price of a Condo?

As simple as that. If you're not interested, don't see, don't say, don't buy.

No hard feelings but I am just stating my point of view. Not pointing fingers at anyone specifically. And yes, if I get a good ballot number, I will be a potiential buyer. I have grants but no, I am not getting that 710k unit of course.

But the ultimate reason is, I wish to stay near to my parents.



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