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heh heh heh...
Tuesday, January 08, 2008 6:46 PM

Yes! My new toy is the uber cool Ricoh's new Gr Digital, GRD II! Jueline actually guessed it right! :P

I have been lemming for the older version of GRD about 2 years back but didn't get it because of the price.

After I own a dslr, I still drool at the sight of a GRD... so when Ricoh release a new generation, I knew I gotta get it!

Not sure why but alot of dslr user likes to get a Ricoh (GRD or GX100) as a backup camera. Guess it's because they look like a mini version of a SLR. Hee.

I hate to say this but once you hold a GRD, all the rest of the compact camera (except for Leica M8!) are craps.

GRD is indeed the best PnS camera ever! (ok, maybe IMO. :P)



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