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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 3:22 PM

I hope today will be the worse day of my life (hoping that it won't get worse in time to come! ><) having mistakes all over at work, feeling tiring, getting unwell and having this irritating 2mm pimples on my forehead that I can't help but squeezing it.

I am so lack of updates, I know. But I am going thru this life-changing period and I can't seems to put my thoughts in words. And since things are not concrete yet, I shall not comment further too. BUT NO. I AM NOT PREGNANT. HAHA.

Yesterday, I was feeling really down and guess what? A bouquet of flowers was sent to me at 9+pm at my door step and it turn out to be Ailing mei who sent those Sunflowers to me. How sweet! Not even the husband is doing all these lor... (cold stare). HEEE... Thank you Mei! You've done things that the husband have not done for me yet. :P and you're the sweetest friend I have ever known! And of coz, my bestest mei! <3 Thank you so much! Muah! (I have taken photo of it. Post it in next entry!)

So much to update, especially the Equinox dinner I had with the LJ gang. I promise to make time for all the photos updating soon!

It's gonna be mid week again. So, good day ahead! :)

P.s: Is it weird when I prefer to adore Alexander Mahone in Prison Break than Michael Scofield? That old man is one sexy piece of thing! (But not all old man are like that, okayyyy?)

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