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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 12:40 PM


我:我要先走了! 約了朋友吃飯!

心想。。。 關你什麽事?!

I wasn't actually too please to be "interrogated" like this. Perhaps some of you may find me too sensitive, but 這位長輩的語氣 make me sound like a criminal, asking who my friends were and where I am going. I think it's important to use a correct tone is whatever you are asking for.

I know what 這位長輩 is thinking. Can't I have my own friends even after I got married? Does having friends means having an affair outside? It's ridiculous. To be honest, I kinda dread to visit 這位長輩 now.

If my Husband have no 意見 with me going out and having my own group of friends, I don't see why anyone else should mind. And FYI, I met up with A GROUP of friends with males and females yesterday. Ask Ranna & Sandy. *roll eyes*

Side note, I will try to update more soon! :)

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