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Flying cockroach & Us.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008 11:40 AM

I was actually quite concerned about the paint smell in the room where we just renovated so I have been actively looking for ways to get rid of the smell asap.

I always know that a bowl of Vinegar in the middle of the room will do the job but I also found out that Onion can work too. So I happily shashay down to NTUC to get Vinegar. But to my horror, Vinegar is out of stock so I bought like a bunch of 10 onions back. I hate onions, I believe most of you know. But for the benefit of removing the toxic smell of the paint, I just have to bear with it.

So once I got back home, I cut up 6 onions, 3 soaked in water in 2 bowls while another 3, lying in 2 plates. I thought closing the windows and door will be more effective...

But the smell was soooooo strong that it's lingering around the living room when I am downstairs watching tv! And so, I decided to brave my way up and open the door... (phawr! THE SMELLLLLLLL!!!) quickly open the windows, switch on the lights (prevent roaches from crawling in) and dash out of the room, leaving the door close behind me.

4 hours and counting, the Husband finally knock off and the 1st thing he asked me was, what's THAT SMELL?!?! Smelly feet ah? AHHAHA!

I told him that onion can effectively suck the fumes of the paint and remove the smell. But after much thought, we decided to throw the onions away instead but the smell is really too horrible.

I already very dread about opening that door but have to do it to remove those onions. After removing the onions, the husband spotted a hugggggggggggggeeee assssssssss flying roach! O M G! FLY ONE LEH!

Don't ask me why, but I always got this perspective that cockroaches are scared of onions. BUT IT TURN OUT THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO ONIONS!! Blame me la, open the window somemore. Ugh! But I thought onions and lights keeps out roaches mah. :(

Anyway, FYI, both of us are scared of cockroaches one. Especially flying ones. The stupid roach was on the ceiling corning. So we tried to use news paper and hit it down but we can't reach it at all. After a while, we saw it taking off and flying in the room. Should have recorded how we react and ran down the stairs. Damn classic.

Anyway, we were praying hard to catch it because we cannot let it conquer the whole house and multiply! We can't spray or hit it because we can't bear to dirty our new room leh!

Thank god after arming with a can of Sheltox and broom, the roach finally landed on the floor and the Husband quickly hit it with the broom and killed it! muahahahaha....

Now the room really not much paint smell liao... because it's overpowered by the strong onion smell. -_- It makes me so sick whole night that I have to continuously apply vicks on my nose.

Ok that's it. No opening of windows. NO MORE ONION. I shall go buy air freshener and some charcoal to make the room smell nice.

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