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W T F?
Monday, April 07, 2008 10:55 AM

What the hell is with the obsession of building more.. and more.. AND MORE ERP GANTRIES all over Singapore!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it man. Now no matter which way we take to go work from the Husband's place, we will kanna ERP. Come on lah, initially it was said that ERP is used to smooth the traffic from jams... but now? EVERYWHERE ALSO GOT A FARKING ERP GANTRY! It's not even a benefit to us lor! I also kanna stuck in the jam everyday what!

I travel by PIE, I will kanna the one at Kallang Bahru and Bendemeer Road. If I travel by Geylang, I will kanna the one at Kallang MTR. SO WHAT DOES THE GOVT WANTS NOW? STAY AT HOME AND ONLY TRAVEL ON THE ROAD AFTER 9AM?! And if everyone start doing it, they will extend the ERP hours. THEN HOW SIA?! EVERYONE STAY AT HOME AH? DON'T WORK AH!? OR GOVT WANNA PROMOTE US WAKE UP EARLY FOR GOOD HEALTH AND WALK TO OUR WORKPLACE?! OR CYCLE AH?! WHO KNOWS NEXT BICYCLE ALSO MUST INSTALL ERP IU!

Bus, MRT and Cab also increase in price. EVERYTHING INCREASE INCREASE FARKING INCREASE. OUR SALARY INCREASE OR NOT?! GOVT RICH LA BUT WE SINGAPOREANS MAJORITY RICH OR NOT? I hate to say this but alot of people really chose to kill themselves because of the standard living here now. It's so difficult to even earn an extra cents now lor!

Must we have a mass suicide protest to show how much stress we suffering now? Wah lau eh. I can't believe it leh. The thought of it makes my boil like mad.

Why are humans so selfish! So ANGRY leh!!



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