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Woot! A crazy week!
Saturday, April 05, 2008 5:54 PM

I am all smelly and sweaty now after doing a helluv housework. Grrr.

Finally we have finish all the dirty renovation work for our little cozy room. We spent 2 days to paint a new coat of refreshing green for the wall and change the laminated flooring to a darker color. What can I say? Loving every inch of the room now!

The painting part was rather hectic. Initially we chosen Nippon's Spring Green color but we got a shock after we tried painting a little on the wall. It's too striking for our liking so we have to paint a coat of white over it and buy another color for it.

Initially we thought since it's so difficult to get the kind of green we like, why not just paint white? But the Husband is just so desperate find THAT green that he likes, so we make a trip out to this paint shop outside the house.

Yay to Dulux paint! They have the green we want and it's so much cheaper than Nippon lor. :/

For the 1st day, we tried to finish painting the entire room but usually the 1st layer will look uneven. So for the 2nd day, I tried to touch up parts of the wall which look lighter and viola! It looks almost perfect now!

This morning the flooring guys came over to remove the old laminate and change it to our desire color. Took them 6 hours to finish. So here I am, feeling damn tired after cleaning everything up.

Mattress - Checked.
Bedframe - Supposedly delivery tomorrow.
Computer Table - Sourcing
Waredrobe - Sourcing
Display Rack - Sourcing
Side Table - Sourcing
Beanbag for cozy corner - Yet to buy but should be getting the one from Crumpler.
TV + PS3 - Still considering!

Will be making a trip to Sungei Kudut for furniture shopping tomorrow with my Sister. The Husband is working today and tomorrow too. Damn sian lor. :(

Ok, I know I still owe alot of photos. Hee... Will post some photos of the new room soon too!

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