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Saturday, May 31, 2008 11:07 AM

Hellooooooooo! Wow it's our 4th day here?

Initially we were supposed to stay in this hotel for like 3d2n but we extended it to this coming monday because we thought we can't find an apartment yet. But luckily we did 2 days ago!

That time when my in laws visited HK, they help us viewed a few apartment in Tsing Yi (apparently this area is cheaper and convenient to Central too) but when it's our turn to come and view it, the ones we saw is quite... old and dirty.

This particular apartment is just right above of Tsing Yi MTR and Maritime Square. So the next day, we viewed the apartment next to the one we viewed and they turn out slightly bigger and cleaner. Plus it's also link with sheltered all the way to the shopping mall and mtr station, we decided to rent the block nearest to the link. Actually I don't have much impression of it now... haha.. but we have arranged a part time cleaner to clean up the house on this Monday, and hope it will turn out cleaner!

Yesterday the Husband and I went to Ikea @ Kowloon Bay to buy furnitures for the house. We spent like half a day to finish shopping and manage to get 80% of the furnitures we need. Now all we need is a mattress, change the toilet seat and shower head, Television and subscription for internet, mobile and TV, pots and pans, cookers, utensils and towels. Hopefully we can complete everything by today! :)

Very tired actually... plus I got home sick and on off and wish I can go home soon. Hee... perhaps it will take sometime for me to get used to it!

I will take photos of the apartment once we settle down! Meanwhile if my replies are slow, it's because I am too occupied talking to my parents on webcam. Heheeee my apology!

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