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Hello... Hello... (Image Intensive Post)
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 11:30 AM

Welcome to our HK apartment...

Bought this doorviewer at a bookstore in the shopping mall near our apartment... This is for the external of the door.

This is for the internal of the door. Push the Mcdull slightly to peek into the door viewer.

What will greet us when we enter from the door... the dining area, storage shelf (with lotsa unwanted boxes -_-) and a door to the kitchen...

The photo-looks-very-deciving-kitchen which i discover alot of silverfish hiding inside. UGH! That's why no dried food inside yet.

This is the relaxing cosy corner of the house... which we spend most of our time at.

As you can see, the husband suddenly siao printing and framing up of our photos, especially those with me posing spastically. haha... we love green, you know it!

The already quite clean toilet. After changing the toilet seat and shower head...

Our bedroom. Also Kuma and friend's favourite hang out place. Love the green decal!

View from our room... Can see stars at night!

Guestroom but laundry room for now. So to all invited guest, that is your sofa bed! :P Cost more than our queen size bed hor!

Now... let's proceed out of our unit...

This is the Husband. Posing quite happily with our apartment's level indication...

That's Ah Soh me posing at the lobby. After a long day of cleaning up. Phew.

The exterior of our apartment lobby. I must say it quite well maintained... given that it's a 10 years old apartment.

This is the shopping mall, Maritime Square which is link to our apartment via a sheltered walkway. There is a bus interchange, MTR station(Tsing Yi), lotsa fashion and beauty outlet... supermarket, restaurant, clinic, pharmacy, mobileshop, horsebetting station... Not a very big mall but you name it, they have it!

View along our apartment...

Basically, our house is make up of Ikea and some other cheapo appliances. We tried to spend as little as possible because we won't be staying here for long. Some of the furnitures like the storage shelf and green carpet are what we had at our own bridal room back in Singapore. These little things were to try to make us feel more like at home...

As usual, the place is STILL infested with Silverfish. I get very sick and tired of them... it cause me so much distress. I hope to solve this problem as soon as possible so we will probably call the landlord tonight to see if she is able to get us a professional to clean it up. Sigh. Big sigh. :(

The silverfish makes me feel very uncomfortable so it doesn't help me to adapt at all... therefore it makes me miss home more than ever... my own home where I feel all comfortable in... warmth and nice... I feel bad because the husband feels sad that I don't feel at ease. But I can't help it. I am always very sensitive with pest... Do let me know if you have a good remedy to silverfish. We need it badly...

I miss home truly. I still cry over the slightest thought of home. Just yesterday when I was chatting with my Mum over the webcam, the connection suddenly sucks a bit and the whole thing hangs. But I can still hear my Mum screaming for my Sister, thinking that something bad had happened. She probably didn't know things like this happens from time to time as she is really bad with technology. But it's really great of her to learn how to log into msn so she can chat with me.

When the webcam conversation resume, she started crying... telling me she feel scared over the freezed screen... I can't help but cried too because I miss Mum... it's so painful for me to just see her cry at the other end. I hope time flew pass quickly so we can be back for good... Sob... Mum even decided to buy a laptop so she could talk to me while at work. And it arrives today!

Actually before I left for Hong Kong, many unpleasant things had happened. I couldn't stop feeling angry over it. I hate it when people upset my parents. I hate it when they try to take advantage of them. If I have a knife, I will kill the bullies. Really. No one have the right to hurt my parents because they are the nicest person I have ever met. Who on earth will lend such a HUGE helping hand like how my parents did? But who is THAT person who deserve their help yet taking them for granted?!

Don't lead the kind of lifestyle which you can't afford to. It doesn't matter if the pit hole that you've fallen into has ruined your life. But if you've too ruined everyone's happiness, hard work and effort, only bad karma will fall upon you. I believed in karma and so should you.

Now that I'm no longer by my parents' side, I've no eyes to watch everyone else's wrongdoing. But should there be anyone taking granted or advantage of my parents and sister, I'll never forgive and forget. It doesn't matter if it involves kinship. Because true kinship shouldn't harbor bad thoughts, preying and taking each other for granted. But if you do, I'll do the same thing too. For life, I'll remember what you did, unless you repay. Forget about all the respect I had for you. You don't deserve it.

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