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Saturday, June 07, 2008 11:24 AM

It couldn't stop raining for the past 2 days! The day before we took a train to Tung Chung thinking of taking Ngong Ping 360 up to pay our respect to the Big Buddha. But it started raining very heavily halfway through our cablecar journey and the whole cabin was swaying.

All I wish was to get to the ground safety. The rain was too heavy that we didn't manage to walk to the temple so we can only choose to go back some other day.

Yesterday we went to Ikea to order a sofa bed and some other accessories that we need and it's raining again! Couldn't find a cab that wants to fetch us back to Tsing Yi, we took a train instead from Causewaybay. 4 huge bag of items. T-T

Apparently the weather warning have been in force for the past 2 days. From Yellow to Red to Black (this morning! The rain was sooooooo heavy that I can't see the opposite building!) and now back to Red. Please no more black before I go stock up food at home!

I know some workers are hoping for more black warning so they don't have to work. BUT heavy rain like this is no joke man. Scary! ><

I wanna eat Bak Zhang... I miss waking up to the scent of freshly steamed Bak Zhang that my mum prepared for me. I miss home. I miss my family...

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