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Happy Sunday!
Monday, July 14, 2008 10:36 AM

My Husband bought me the sharkbag! Wee!

It's actually the same creator as the Panda bag which I got! According to Morn Creation...

"Hong Kong-based Morn Creations Limited raises the awareness of animal protection a stylish notch higher with its line of eye-catching, colorful and heart-warming animal-themed bags and accessories. As part of its advocacy campaign, the company takes a stand against the use of animal skins in their products, and uses alternative materials and fabrics."

Very interesting concept isn't it? Not sure if they do but perhaps donating part of the sales to the protection fund sounds like a good idea too!

Love the bag being spacious... and the details are very eye catching! The zips are in the shape of little fishes. So cute la!

I have actually seens these bags around for quite sometime... and it strikes me that I must get it when I stumble upon this shop in Langham which sells a huge range of Morn Creation items. And the best part is that they are having sale now. It's a steal man. Hee! Bought the small pouch to put stuff like digicam, mobilephone and loose change. Very cute!

Because the Husband have been really nice to me... and we didn't get gifts for each other on our wedding anniversary, I bought him a Targus backpack for work too.

Very cool bag leh. It has rain cover, an audio plug to extend your mp3 player headphone, extra compartment for laptop... can't think of a reason why you won't love it! Anyway the Husband is a very fussy man. We went all over Mongkok before he finally decide on this bag. Tsk tsk tsk...

To end the lovely day, we had dinner at our favourite restaurant in Langham Mall. Matchtoo! It's actually owned by a TVB star...(not sure about her name) and heard that alot of TVB dramas shoot their scenes here. Gotta love the italian rice! So creamy... so sweet... so yummy!

And they serve the best lemon water. Not sour because they add honey inside. Almost as good as ice lemon tea.

That's it! All the food pictures makes me hungry. Time for some snackings!

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