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Monday, July 28, 2008 1:55 PM

Well, I guess when you've got absolutely nothing to do, movies and dramas became your best friend...

Lets see what I have been watching recently...

Ok, I caught The Dark Knight. I used to thought I love Christine Bale. But he appear to be so Tom-Cruise-ish that it freaks me out a little. I lovED Tom Cruise... but not after he became really weird... So I guess not all superheros are worth to die for. Hee. (BUT I still love Superman!) Then again, batman got sexy voice and lips when he wear his mask! Love Michael Keaton as batman too.

Not going to comment on Health Ledger since everyone knows how well he portrayed the Joker. But what excites me is that I found William Fichtner and Cillian Murphy in it. Very funny hor. I think they only appear like less than 3 minutes only. Fichtner as Bank Manager and CM as Scarecrow (as in Batman Begins too). Not sure if I've told anyone about it but I like watching Cillian Murphy's works. He look scary but his eyes are so attractive. Gorgeous Irishman.

I've just finished watching Perfect Cut, 一切完美 too. Thanks to Jas & my Sis's recommendation. Thomas Ong sibeh hensome hor, Jie? Hahaha... I know alot of us hate watching Sg drama but I have to agree this is really a one of a kind production. Confirm not Mediacorp one la. Thou it's known to be copied from Nip&Tuck but I don't care. I love the show! And of course the song... Hee.

Some old songs I love... (I realised a nice song will only be nicer if the MV is touching...)


Gigi Leung-泪光


See the similarities? Duncan Lai in the MV! <3 <3 <3! Very unfair hor. Where the hell this drop dead gorgeous guy came along. I liked him since many blardy years back... (so long that I couldn't remember!) and he still look so good. And he is from HongKong... Can speak cantonese! Look at his eyebrow and that dimple... that badass look.... So gorgeous leh!!! AIYO!

Where to find drop dead gorgeous guys like him these days?!?!!?!

Oh wait... I've got one at home!!! :P

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