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Secret to a happy marriage. The C(s)
Friday, August 15, 2008 12:19 PM

Care & Concern - The basic. Show how much your significant other (SO) meant to you...

Content - Be contented with the simple happiness that 2 person can get. Being extravaganza and living in luxury won't improve anything...

Chemistry - I guess chemistry is something that is important to bring 2 person together. And it also helps to maintain a good relationship by sharing the same passion and interest.

Compromise - If your SO is not free to keep you company because of work, don't be upset and be angry with him or her. Because your SO won't feel any better being stuck at work.

Commitment - Don't stray. Period.

Considerate - Almost like compromise. If your wife or girlfriend is having PMS, be considerate and let her whine. Hahah.

Communication - Talk to each other, everyday. Be a willing listening ear and also share with your SO your daily problems and happiness. Even if it leads to quarrel, (and that's where most the truth will be leak out) you will get to know more from each other. Try to reply and accept calls from SO promptly. Never be too busy...



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