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At the end of the day...
Tuesday, September 09, 2008 11:40 PM

my family have the best arms to be in.

My mum is the best mum in this world. Unreplacable.

I hate myself at times for throwing temper at her... but it's because I know she is the only person who can accept me for who I am and don't take it to heart. She know I get pissed only when I have a vaild reason. I have finally grown up... to admit my mistakes and apologise to her whenever I throw my temper.

She spoilt me rotten... but I didn't take advantage of it. It warm my heart whenever she have me in her thoughts. It's good enough... given that we are so far apart now.

My dad is even cuter. I always thought we don't have an as close relationship as compared to my Mum but that day he called me via MSN and webcam with me to spot check whether I had taken dinner already. (because husband is away for work). And every now and then he will ask whether I have enough money to use or not... (And he also quite haolian about getting the new Iphone. -_-)

Sometimes it feels helpless to be away from home... but my only comfort is that I can rely on my sister to look after my parents...

I can't wait... to be home once again and be in the arms of my loving family...

P.S: Respects can only be gained if you respect others in return. Don't expect a one way train. It's... kinda disgusting.



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