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Farking pissed.
Monday, September 08, 2008 6:57 PM

I am not someone with great patience. Everyone knows that.

And this able-bodied tall, wearing long-sleeve shirt guy tries to challenge my farking patience. WTF.

Not sure if this happens everywhere in HK but it took me a bloody 30 minutes, 4th in queue, to had my order taken. And this blardy guy came out of no where, decided to jump into the queue, right infront of me, when 2 line merge into one. (Apparently this lady infront of me queued at the wrong line and we were asked to merge into another line.)

If you are rushing for reincarnation, jolly well tell me. I will be more than happy to give way to you, buy your KFC fast and let it be your last meal.

I can give way, if you're an elderly, or tell me your reason of needing to get your food fast. But I can't tolerate a man being so ungentleman, cutting a woman's queue! That smirk from his face makes me wanna slap him!!) And somemore there are people behind me lor.

I know no one behind me complains maybe it's so common to be rude in HK. You must be wondering why I am bitching here instead of telling that guy off. I don't want to get myself blacklisted as I can foresee myself eating KFC very frequent. Afterall this is my blog what. Can't complain meh?

If you think Singaporeans are rude, you have yet to come to HK.

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