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Home Alone.
Sunday, September 07, 2008 6:39 PM

Wah long time no blog!

Peili was in Hong Kong and back to Singapore already. How fast the 1 week flew past... plus the Husband just left for Zhuhai and here I am all alone at home... :/

The past one week was the most fulfiling week I had ever since I move over to Hk. Peili and I almost combed the entire shopping areas in HK and walked the most distance I had in my entire life. Ah Li shopping style I like. Haha.. she never need to try on the clothing she is buying. Very fast and 干脆。 We waste no time in a single shop and I lose count of how many malls we entered.

I myself bought quite abit of stuff. Before Ah li came, I told myself I have to resist and wait for her to visit HK and we shop together. Hahaa... hard work pays off man!

On the 2nd last day of her visit, we took the peak tram and visited madame tussauds. The tram is damn scary lor. Thou its my 2nd time taking it, it still scares me.

We took helluv pictures there so I shall just post half of them.

Totally feels like a tourist can?!

Oh yah, I bumped into Melanie's friend, Yodolyn there. So qiao leh! Heee! Nice meeting you girl!

I hope you've enjoyed yourself in HK and at our place, Ah li! Thou the birthday cake is a little small... but I hope you like it, and the present from all of us! :) Come back to HK soon and we will go crazy shopping again!

After looking around... I have finally bought a new girl!

Meet Dwella!

Why Dwella? (YES, my 1st non-J Girl!) Because it means, Damian, Wendy, Evonne, Lynette, Linus & April! This new girl belongs to them too because they got it for me for my birthday and wedding! (Ok, Dennis is complaining because a doll won't benefit him. :P)

She had her hair spa, eyelash changed and new outfit. Have yet to buy new chips for her so only grey for her now. Isn't she pretty!?

The other day while we were at Goldfish market, we decided to get a fishie for keeping. Initially the Husband was going for Fighting Fish but against it after thinking it may give the house 杀气 so we bought Dwarf Pufferfish after seeing how cute they are. Plus they are fresh water fish and easier to maintain. We brought 4 but one died from internal parasite (sunken belly! :() which it caught before we bought it...

A few days later, Ah Li accompanied me back to Goldfish market and I bought a not too big all-in-one white fish tank for the darlings. I have to cycle the tank for a day and I see that they can't wait!

The next day, once again, I went back to Goldfish market, this time round with the Husband, to get more Puffer and now we have 7 in our tank!

Dwarf puffers are a bunch of selfish fishes. They can't tolerate other spieces living with them so we can't get other type of fishes. But it's okie, they are cute enough alone. :P

I have been wearing the same Guess watch which the Husband bought for me in year 2005 for V-day. I had it's strap changed once, battery twice and now, it's almost dead. It move and stop so often that I finally decided to get a new watch to replace it...

Came across this CheCheNewYork watch the 1st time I walk past Citychain near our apartment. It seems like the only Citychain branch that brings in this watch because I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Today while sending the Husband to the MTR station, I have decided to get it. Implusive but love it nevertheless. It comes with a cutie panda pouch too. So broke but I guess it's an necessity I need to get.

Alright! Feeding time, for the fishies and my tummy!

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