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Weekends are over...
Monday, September 29, 2008 9:35 AM

Once again, I am suck into the "beauty" of online shopping. This time round, also the benefit of free shipping within US. How can I not love Vpost?

YesStyle(they take FOREVER to ship my items!), Forever21, Victoria's Secret, Wetseal... I think i am going crazy.

The other day, the Hubby ordered VS's stuff for me. One bride tanktop, one bride cute undies and a set of bikini. Guess what? The bottom of the bikini I chose M instead because that's the size of bikini bottom I always got from Singapore. But when the items came 2 days ago, I got a shock of my life. It's... HUGE. Can fit a L... or perhaps a XL lor. UGH.

Anyone willing to take over? Item here. I am willing to let go at the original price minus the shipping cost and throw in a free postage. :) Bottom only hor!

Not sure how long the items will reach me via Vpost la but hopefully it will be there when I am back to Singapore for wedding preparation. ^^

Weekend flew by again! Can't believe how fast it went by. I procrastinate again and delayed my ID card application. The immigration closes at 1230pm on Sat but I really want to stay longer in bed leh. And I feel bad if I were to drag the hubby off the bed with me also. Sigh. I will try to do it by next week!

For consecutive 2 days we had dim-sum for 2 days, skipping breakfast and lunch. :P Normally our meals range about SGD10-20 per meal for 2 pax ma so eating the dim-sum which cost us about SGD40 is more worth it this way. Hee

My hubby looks like stuffed hamster. I can see that he is enjoying this hongkonger lifestyle... eating dim-sum and reading magazine at the same time. I love the XO chili Carrotcake!

Saturday after dim-sum, we made our way down to Mongkok and look for the walking kuma toy which my sister told me about. So excited when I found it!

Such a darling right? Took a video of it walking too. Hee.


After buying kuma, we went to Sim City (hk version of sim lim square) and look for my film scanner. No sight of it! Infact I didn't get to see ANY flat bed scanner. I wonder could it be the whole HK only sells multi-function printer. Sigh. Maybe I should get it in Singapore instead.

From Mongkok to Prince, we decided to get new fishies for our tank. Found this shop managed by 2 ladies, they really maintain their tanks very well. Fishes looks healthy, water looks clean. Although the price is a little higher...(compared to those selling 20HKD for 4 fishes in a sealed packet) we bought red and blue guppies. 70HKD for 10 of them. Wanted to get the black with white dots fish but we don't know what breed they are and unsure if they are hardy enough for beginners like us...

Bought a small plant for the tank too. Still contemplating about getting a catfish to suck up the waste of the guppies... maybe we will get it tomorrow!

Caught Eagle Eye yesterday. Great show and I love Michelle Monaghan! I think she is "hawt".

Happy Birthday to you, Evonne aka ling aka lingahger! :)

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