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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 9:05 AM

Thanks for the concern everyone...

I guess you guys are right... it's our wedding and I ought to be happy.

Thou every now and then those words are still spining in my mind, I just have to stop myself from tearing once again and distract myself.

The husband tried very hard to make me happy... and therefore he pre-order the Kuma for me!

So happy can! Finally something to look forward to after our honeymoon. Hee!

Yesterday I went to collect my HK ID card... after much procrastination. Now I can use the special clearance at the HKIA and also at the Changi airport. Woot! No more long queue!

Last weekend we had our last minute shopping and packing of bags before we fly back to SG. Damn blardy heavy leh the luggage. So many things to bring back. Sigh.

Ok. Guess the next time I update, we will be back to SG. See you guys then! :)



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