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Our 2 weeks in Singapore.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 12:56 PM

I am actually very very lazy to blog. Haha... the weather in HK now is really cooling... (cold to be exact) and I just wanna sit by the window all day, without doing anything... Sigh.

Anyway here are some photos of our 2 weeks in SG. Including some pictures from Daddy Damian on our wedding. Gonna be very wordy but I am really having a brain "freeze" right now.

[22.10.08]: Took the morning flight from Hong Kong. Reach Singapore in the afternoon and had dinner together with in laws and my parents.

[23.10.08]: Our Guo Da Li. The husband came over to our place with his 3rd Grandaunt with gifts and we return some back to them. (The customary is really tedious).

Only managed to get the pictures from the husband's side. I left all my backups in my SG's pc! Gah!

[24.10.08]: Dinner with Ling mei @ Fish & Co. Ah Siak joined us for a while and left us alone at Giraffe. Heavy rain but company was great. :)

[25.10.08]: Hens night with my babes! Ailing, Huijun, Peili and Kaijing!

No pictures because they are all in SG. Don't kill me girls. :/

In the morning, I met up with Kaijing at Toa Payoh to buy ingredients for our baking session. We decided to make Shepherds Pie and bought quite a bit of stuff. Took a cab back to KJ's place and meet up with Ailing mei nearby for prata as breakfast. Yums!

We start preparing, cooking and baking the pie and it took us about an hour or so to complete everything. The pie turn out really really good and my tummy just growl just at the thought of it!

After baking, we clean up, pack up and pop over to Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel for our 1 night stay. Checked-in, wait for the other 2 babes, went out for dinner, KTV and process back to our room to start the crazy night. Haha...

We are not supposed to call each others' name. I am the Hen while Ling mei is Chicken Backside, Huijun is Chicken Thight, Peili is Chicken Wing while KJ is Chicken Breast. Thank god I wasn't the loser. :P Will post the video soon of the forfeit of the person to failed to call the nickname accordingly. :P Kj is so gonna kill me!

It's a PJ party and so everyone gotta wear PJ for the night! Mahjong, Taboo, Poker, camwhored, drinks! It was quite insane. Hahaa... Damn I can't wait to post the pictures la! I really really enjoyed myself and I hope it's the same for you girls too! Thanks for being with me throughout all these years! You girls are really my gems. :)

[29.10.08]: Met up with my other 3 pretty jiemei, Evonne, April and Wendy for lunch! Now, where is the pic we took together, lingadingaling! Love the food at TCC! :D~~~

Collected my gowns at the BS too. So heavy to lug everything back! We had last minute shopping for our shoes and accessories too.

[31.10.08]: Went to Far East Flora at Thomson Road to buy flowers for air accessories. Didn't know we have to walk into the freezer and pick our flowers. The place is soooooo blardy cold and I was in shorts!

Meet up with Edwin in the evening to practise our surprise performance. Tried very hard to keep it from the Husband. Thanks Edwin for making your way down to my place! :)

Did my Mani and pedi with my Sister near my place. Last minute packing of bags to bring to Oriental next day.

上头 by my parents as the clock struck 1130pm.

[01.11.08]: hohoho! Our big day! Woke up at 430am and MUA coming in at 530am. Look like shit after all the hectic and stressful days before wedding. I am in my worse form on my wedding day. Ugh. Thank god for make ups.

Yow Siang, our Videographer and Wansheng, our Photographer came in shortly. Daddy Damian covered the Husband side at the same time.

It was raining HEAVILY! Bad bad bad weather. Sigh. Rain is the last thing I want to see on that day.

The groom was late... because *cough*heforgottenthehandbouquet*cough*. The jiemeis left with limited time to "tekkan" the groom but thank god the brothers are really sporty too! Bet they had a great time! I can only hear from outside my room and I am not supposed to see anything. ><

Sorry boys... its me who have chosen the panties instead of briefs. :P thou they can't fit but you guys look great in them.

Poor Edwin got arrowed to do the banana peeling. How can! Hahaa...

We were kinda behind time so it's was very rush for us. After leaving my place, we popby my grandma place to pay respect to my grandpa then we went over to the Husband's place.

We popby the Husband's grandma's place too to pay respect to his grandpa.

After tea ceremony, I changed into my KUA and back to 娘家 we go.

My side family's tea ceremony take longer than my husband's side. Kneel until kneecap hurt. Haha... But it's okie... once in a lifetime ma.

Love what my mum and sis got for me! No picture of the necklace from my mum.. (its inside the safe now) but heres what my sista got for us!

I don't think I will ever buy Tag huer for myself. I am not into branded watch la at the 1st place except that my parents bought me my 1st on my 21st birthday which I only wear during special occassion, this is my 2nd! Thank you so much Jie! I will make sure I will wear it enough times to justify the price. Hahaa...

Before anything else......


Had lunch after that and we rush back to the Husband's place to pick up our baggage and check into Oriental Hotel.

That's when I really felt nervous... and feeling nauseous allll the time!

I was practically shaking the whole time and I can feel as thou my heart is at my throat liao. >< Don't know why I felt this way... I just couldn't help it. Think most of you couldn't stop hearing me saying I wanna puke. Haha.

Our flowergirl, MiniV (San-d's daughter) and flowerboy, my cousin's son are just too cute! They look so cute together and brought alot of joy to the wedding. Thanks for helping out!

Before the 1st march in, I was so nervous that I almost black out! But once I step into the ballroom, the feeling is gone! SO odd lor. Maybe I don't know what I should expect from the crowd but after seeing all familiar faces, the anxiety in me just disappear. Hee.

Only managed to eat 2 dishes and off we went for 2nd change for 2nd march in. Somewhere somehow, the Husband managed to sneak away and prepared for his surprise for me. After I was done with my change and make up, Ailing Mei walk me back to the ballroom and I saw the Husband waiting for me outside. We waited outside the ballroom while the rest watches our daytime highlight. Our coordinator said to me that I can also watch and with Ailing mei's help, I was lead to the front door and watch the clip outside the ballroom.

After it ends, I turn around and couldn't find the Husband. Dang. Before I can react, the door swings open and I was told to walk in by myself. And there he was, my husband, on the stage started singing edited version of 非你莫属 while I walk towards the stage alone. Very thoughtful and sweet of him... with the help of Edwin! :) My husband's vocal buey pai one ah!

We had our champagne pouring and invited our family up the stage for toasting. The yam-seng session can be rather ear deafening. :P

Thank you speech time! We tried to keep it short and sweet. Thanks to my husband, now everyone know my dark secret. :P Only those who attend knows ah... shhhh.......

Finally, my turn to give surprise! After my thank you speech, my speech to the husband, I decided to sing a self composed song with Edwin to prove my love for husband. Romantic or not? :P Sorry that I sang badly. Stage fright la. XP

The most challenging part are the table to table shot and parting handshake. I couldn't stop smiling till my face got cramped! But we are really grateful to all guests who attended our dinner. It really meant alot to us!

Finally the wedding came to an end. It's a huge relieve for us. After months and months of waiting, preparation, excitement, it's over in just a day.

We would like to say thank you once again to...

The Jiemeis and Xiong Dis: Ailing, Huijun, Peili, Evonne, April, Wendy, Edwin, Gayyong, Jianrong, Clarence & Leslie for being such great help on our wedding day! You peeps are really sporty & handsome lots!

Receptionist Ailing, Peili, Dylan and Chungsiak for keeping the crowd in order and watching over my lovely angbao boxes. :P Also the content la. Hahaa...

Ailing mei for being my bridesmaid and keeping me company at the bridal suite. And also your bracelet to prevent me from looking plain... rubbing my hands to keep me warm. :) You're just like a younger sister I always wished for. Thank you so much!

Huijun and Edwin for agreeing to be our emcees. You guys are great la! We found the perfect people to host our dinner!

Thanks for being there for me for the past 20 years, my dearest Huijun!

Edwin, thanks for helping out so so so so so so so so so so so much at our wedding! It's insane that you practically oversee everything. No words can describe our gratitude towards you. You are our so call matchmaker, our best buddy, our emcee, dennis's brother, help our in both our surprise, our emcee, our 开心果。 You're the best! :)

Thanks Damian, Wansheng and Yowsiang for covering our event! You guys will keep all this wonderful memories for us forever. :)

Thanks Dayvid and Samantha for the great band performance! Thanks for making my husband cry while performing a song I wrote for him years back. Haha...

Thank you for Mr Ong and Chunliang for sending gifts over even if both can't make it for my wedding!

A very very very big thank you to my parents and sister for all the help they provided me when I am not in Singapore. They help me get all stuff I need for my wedding and not a single word of complain from them! I can never imagine if they are not there to help. The wedding will never be successful. :) Thanks yousssss!

A big thank you to all friends, relatives and overseas guests who fly into Singapore just to attend our dinner. A wedding is never complete without all the blessing from you guys. Thank you thank you thank you! :*

A big thank you to my husband for loving me. :) Now and forever, I will be your wife. (bo beh zhao ah! *no horse run)

*Phew. Did I miss out anything?! I hope not! You guys know how grateful I am la. Pardon me for not being good at words. I am also very glad to meet up with friends whom I haven't been seeing for the longest time, for example my childhood primary school buddies! I also see alot of new form friendship ah... which is good! :)


The wedding ended quite late... so by the time we got back to the hotel, the hubby is already halfdrunk and halfasleep. By the time I finish removing my make up and shower, the husband fell asleep at the sofa and I get him onto the bed and let him continue his beauty sleep while I stay awake to clean up the messy room... so sad that I didn't manage to eat the dinner at all even when Oriental was nice to deliver them to our suite and heat them up. Sigh!

[02.11.08]: Wake up pretty late and had inroom breakfast instead.

Breakfast was great and the thoughtful husband request no onion in the omelette. Thank you! Muah!

After breakfast we make our way to the BS and return the gowns. So heavy leh! :(

Had Kenny Roger for lunch and we shopped around abit for t-shirts and sandals for the husband. Went back to Oriental and prepare ourselves for the complimentary Spa Massage by Oriental Spa.

It's heaven can?! 3 hours of bliss. I even fell asleep at one point. zzz...

The tub with rose petals was too hot thou. I couldn't keep still because my heart was racing due to the heat. No matter how much cold water I add into the tub it's still the same! I suspect they got heater inside lor! :( After I step out of the tub, my legs cramped. Gah.

At the end of the massage, both of us are so ready to sleep liao. But we can't with empty tummy so we order room service, fish and chips. SO NICE!!! I am so craving for fish and chips now! :(

[03.11.08]: Inroom breakfast again and afterwhich is time for checkout... and also making the decision of not going for our honeymoon at Bali. Our parents find it too dangerous to go Bali during this period so after much struggling, we gave in. :( There goes our 1k. I heart pain the money. I could have bought an iPhone with that la!

After checking out, we went back to my place and I rush out to get my hair done.

Evening is Russel Peters' Performance with Wansheng and Wendy! Great show and I am sure my company enjoyed themselves! :)

Met up with lingadingaling and cobin for durains at 717. And we forgotten to pay... that's the last thing I thought we will do! ><

[05.11.08]: Wansheng jio-ed us to go cable-ski at ECP. The boys ski-ed la... not me. Hahaa... I just sit there and watch! Had Katong laksa for dinner! Yums.

[06.11.08]: Nua-ed at home until afternoon and we popby town for a little shopping and had drinks in the evening with Ling mei and the husband's buddies, Edwin, Jianrong + gf and Clarence. Great company great food!

[07.117.08]: The boys when wakeboarding at Punggol while I just enjoy the boat ride... weather is cranky. Rainy and sunny. Seems like the husband got hooked now! All thanks to Wansheng! :P

Had dinner with my parents and sister at Boon Tong Kee!

Edwin and Cailing drop by our place and played mahjong. Did I mention I just "graduated" from mahjong course? Haha... finally I managed to learn it and got hooked! Thanks for the company Edwin and Cailing! Can't wait to get back and play with you guys again!

Thanks for keeping us company, peeps! Thou we didn't get to go for our honeymoon but staying back in Singapore can be a good thing too!

[08.117.08]: Gayyong and Junie's prewed shoot by the Husband! We went to Wessex Estate's Colbar, Seletar Camp and Punggol Lalang field. Hope you guys enjoyed yourself! I have seen some of the photos... very nice leh!

Had dinner at Katong's Togi. I love the bibimbap!

Slept late because we have to pack our stuff in the room into boxes and pack our luggages tat we need to bring back to HK. ><

[09.117.08]: Sista pick us up from our place together with our baggage. Had dim sum @ Royal China with the rest of the family members to celebrate my Dad's birthday which is in Dec... super early but because I won't be around so decided to eat 1st. :)

After dim sum, off to airport... bid goodbye to my parents and sista... and I bought a small longchamp bag inside. :P

Touch down HK around 7pm and reach home about 9pm. Got a shock by the cold weather in HK. So glad to see all my guppies looking fine and well fed!

Clean up the house and unpack our stuff. Throw everything into washing machine. Sit down watch tv. Lights out.

Longest entry ever huh? I haven't check what I type la. Bet alot of typo. I am so brain dead. >< Byeeee!!

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