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Monday, November 24, 2008 10:51 AM

Good morning!

One of the rare mondays where I feel pretty perk up and fresh. Just finish doing my daily routine and now the house is spick-and-span! *shing shing*

I was staring at the celling light and wondering how should I take out one of the many bulb which stop functioning a couple of weeks back.

We went to check out the extendable ladder at the supermarket the other day and they cost liek 100+sgd for it! Decided not to use it since we only need to use it to change lightbulb, which you don't need to do it so frequent!

So just now I went to stack a stool on top of the Ikea coffee table (god knows how much weight it can support -_-') and I climb up and squat at the stool for a good long 5 minutes wonder if I should take the risk stand up to reach for the lightbulb. What if I fell down and the hubby will only be back at night?! By the time I turn smelly liao la! HAHAHA!

Anyway I still managed to convince myself to stand up and quickly screw the bulb out from the celling light. Ugh takes forever. Tadah! After procrastinating for soooooo long, finally we can get more brightness in the house! hohoho!

Saturday to Shenzhen was pretty fun! Met up with the Husband's colleagues at one of the bus stop in Prince Edward in the morning and took a chartered bus into Shenzhen. It was my 1st time meeting them and they are really nice people!

Took us about an hour and a half to go through the custom and reach the shopping mall where we had our dimsum lunch.

Dimsum in Shenzhen is pretty different from HK. I prefer the HK one la of coz. Haha... They have spicy udon, singapore style fried rice, beehoon and fried mee, mutton meat with skin (heard it has really good collegen inside. good for skin!), deep fried herbal jelly dip in condense milk (omg! so nice!) and some usual stuff like baos, hargaos, siewmais... No pics of food thou! :P

After lunch, we took the bus to a country club where we play golf at the driving range...

Been a long long time since I last touch the golf club but luckily I still manage to hit the ball off the ground. Haha... The husband pick it up real quick and seems like a pro after a couple of rounds. :P

After 2 hours of intensive "exercise", we lef the club and head towards our dinner destination.

It's a village style restaurant and they sell all sorts of exotic food like CATS (!!!) and swan... ugh. I will never EVER eat cat meat!!! *vomit*

Anyway we trust one of the colleague to choose the menu for us and we thought we were safe.

Apparently it's not. There was this dish of harmless looking fried egg which look really decent and nice. So I took plenty of it. I did saw something long and round and I thought it's egg crumbs. But later I was told it's WORMS! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't believe I ate WORMS LOR! WAH LAU! But it's tasteless and the egg taste so good leh. Damn... next time I go china I better make sure I order my own food. :(

Anyway the dinner was pretty okie la. Got roasted goose which I love!

It was a long day and we only managed to get by home by 10pm. Phew!

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