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9 more days to go!
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 2:14 PM

Can't believe 2008 is coming to an end already. It was just like yesterday when I was still having a hard time adapting the change in writing 2007 to 2008 for quotations at work, and now 2009 is coming in about a week time.

I will stop procrastinating and write a review of 2008 + a new year resolution for 2009.

Today is one of the coldest day for this winter till date (and my hands are partial numb!) so I shall just cut short my entry and let the shitloads of peektures do the talking. :P

[20th Dec, Saturday]
We have been contemplating to visit the Disneyland or Oceanpark for the past few days. Oceanpark is cheaper but part of me wants to visit Disneyland because I know they have "the feel" of Christmas with fireworks and foam snow. Wrong move thou.

Disneyland is so... and I mean SO packed that we can hardly walk for 5 minutes without getting stopped by human jam. Sigh. We reach there at about 3pm and I am amazed by how we "ba long long" until 9pm without playing rides (oh, we only ride the carousel, the queues of the rest of the rides are scarily long!!)

Had one of the worse dinner ever... regretted not going for the burgers instead. :( Nevertheless the trip was nice because I have got the right company. Husband + Kuma = Love!

[21th Dec, Sunday]
Woke up later than usual and prepare to pop over the husband's colleague's place for BBQ gathering. My 1st BBQ in hk! Been a long time since I last had bbq... can't even remember when was it! HAHA!

The husband's colleague is staying in TungChung. So near yet to far! Tsing Yi to Tung Chung is only like 3 stops away but train ride takes more than 15 minutes. The environment there seems more spacious but the structure of the interior of the house makes each unit smaller even thou they have the same sq feet as ours. I guess houses in HK are more or less than same. Bery bery small.

We also saw the apartment that initially we were interested in renting. WAH! Thank god we didn't go ahead because it's soooooooo far away from the train station!

Nick and Lana played really great host! The food was great and the guys really did a great job in bbq-ing them. :P Actually wasn't sure what's the special occassion but we know Nick just proposed to his girlfriend so the Husband and I decided to get them an engagement gift. They are definitely a great pair!

Oh I love the clubhouse of their apartment! SO huge and so many facilities! Got bowling somemore! Too bad ours don't have if not I will go bowling every weekend! :P

They are really a bunch of nice peeps. I wonder what life will be in HK if the Husband doesn't have nice colleagues like them.

[Early X'mas presents!]
21st Dec was a great day. Other than visiting Disneyland, I received not 1 but 2 parcel from Singapore!

1 is from Ailing mei and the other from Chiuyan!

No one knows how much these parcel meant to me. It's not about the gifts... but the thoughts. I never know how good it felt to be on the mind of your close friends until I shifted over to HK. All these little gestures keeps me going despite me feeling lonely without my friends around.

That night I was feeling like shit because I wish I was back in Singapore so I can meet them up for Xmas celebration and do the usual gift exchange. I admit I am not the kind of person who is active in sending xmas cards but I am a sucker for receiving them. Anyway my friends know how much I love them through my actions, something not just shown for a day or 2... but over a long period of time. I very much want to touch on the topic on friendship but I shall do it on my next entry since it's gonna be very lengthy. :)

Yesterday I met up with the Husband in Central after his work and went to ColorSix to develope 3 rolls of film from my LC-A+ and his new (yet old) camera. Went to Tag and wanted to alter the straps length of the watches given by my sister for our wedding but were told that branch doesn't provide the service. Dang.

After which the Husband drag me to T&C and got me a pendant for Xmas to go with the chain which my in laws got for me for our wedding. Quite surprise at the price as it's really reasonable and I fell in love with the design almost immediately the 1st time I saw it!

Suddenly I have quite a number of stuff from T&C... can't say I am a fan... more like my in laws are since most of my collections are from them.. and my Husband... :/

My sponsored gift for the Husband? The vintage Olympus Om-2n that the Husband is holding in some of the pictures. Or can be seen in his blog. He is definitely loving it now... Haha...

In case I didn't managed to update my blog before Xmas,

- [25th Dec] Merry Christmas to my Family, Friends & Blog readers!

- [26th Dec] Happy Birthday My Dear Ailing Mei!

- [27th Dec] Happy Wedding, Dear Kaijing!

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