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Holiday in Peektures.
Monday, December 29, 2008 2:13 PM

Started off on Christmas day...

Not willing to spend money on rocket high priced meals outside, I decided to cook at home instead. The Husband's colleague just got back from Singapore and bought him a packet of Bak Kut Teh seasoning mix so I made use of that to whip up a storm for the special night. Glad it turn out really well and we finished up 1kg (I guess almost!) of pork ribs and not a single drop of soup was spared. Hohohoh!

Boxing day is a public holiday in Hong Kong too so we braved the crowd and visited Ocean Park this time round. Again, the crowd almost drive me crazy.

We had fun at the funfair thou. I never won anything in funfair games before so this is my first! And it's my 1st throw! :P Won a huge Keroro and later a small one at other booth. Imagine the pain to carry it around and on the train back home. ^_^'

We didn't stay in Ocean Park for long as we have a movie to catch in the evening and the crowd there left us nowhere to go.

Rush back home for a quick dinner and make it on time for......................


Ehem, I mean Ip Man. Officially the best movie of the year imo.

Have I mention before I love Donnie Yen? I am sure I did but I will say it again anyway.


He is so gorgeous that his every move stole my heart away. Hahaa... My Husband will understand la. Donnie = Idol & Dennis = Hubby. Different okay? :P

How can anyone look so good at 43? And having a wife who is almost my age?! He is so good looking even with that nerdy hairstyle and outfit in Ip Man.

Just let me poke his abs. Just once and I will have no regrets in life. Haha...

(When the husband and I 1st started going out, I thought he look like Donnie Yen! Muahahah!)

What can be better than having your love ones being around you 24 hours round the clock for 4 solid days?!

We talked, we watched tv, we ebay-ed, we eat, we drink, we sleep, we shit, we bath, we wii-ed together...

Another good use for the wiifit balancing board. Raving Rabbid Tv party is a great game to play with your love ones!

I am looking forward to another weekday public holiday with my husband... which is this Thursday!

Next entry coming up... new year resolution!

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