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1 more day!
Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:21 AM

When you see sharkbag, it means I am coming back home! For only 4 days thou... but better then nothing! Still love to spend my cny with my family.

Last week was spend nursing my swollen toes. Didn't know an itch on one toe can lead to Cellulities. It 1st started to itch on one toe... den it start to swell.. and the swell spread to all the toes on my right foot and nearby area of the foot. It's painful and I could barely walk. Stubborn me refuse to see a doctor initially (and ya la, like I said in my previous few post, I refuse to see a HK doc!) but no choice since the Husband keep rushing me to see one.

You have to see the face of the doctor when he saw me toes. He was rather shock and said it look serious and spreading fast... make me scared lor! Initially he thought it could be diabetic but my parents don't have ma plus I am not really into sweet stuff what. Force me to take a blood sugar test... cost me a freaking 75hkd. :( 皮痒啦。好端端拿针来刺。Results turn out normal.

My dad informed our family doctor and he suggest me to take a blood test for whiteblood count. Wah lau no need so serious la. And god knows how much I scared of having to withdraw blood leh. The HK doc gave me tonnes of anti-biotics and allergy pills. I have fever too so got some panadols at the same time. That week was really hell. My taste bud can only taste bitter and my pee stinks! The doc says that if my fever can't subside and the swell refuse to go, he suggest me going to the hospital instead. (HK HOSPITAL?! Want my life ah!)

But thank god I am feeling better now! The swell is gone and I can bend my toes! It could be due to my crack heels. Open wound cause bacteria to get in and attack the tissue... Now don't think crack heels is nothing serious! You've been warned!

Anyway it's CNY again and it means my pervious makeup products are one year old! Since I only 扮靓靓 on CNY... just buy the standard few products before the big day. This year got more reason to make up also because a few of the Husband friends are getting married so might as well la!

Since everyone is raving about Majolica Majorca products and here is selling relatively cheaper than SG (if i am not wrong...) so I bought almost all from them lo.

1) Rilakkuma pouch!
2) Majolica Majorca eyeshadow
3) Majolica Majorca powder foundation
4) Majolica Majorca blusher
5) Majolica Majorca blusher container with hairpins. (recycle okie?! hahah)
6) Anna sui mirror and hairbrush (love anna sui design!)
7) Tweezer, hairclip and hairtie
8) Shiseido lash curler (been with me for the longest time!)
9) Majolica Majorca eyeliner
10) Majolica Majorca mascara

Love their cases leh. So pretty. Hee... Oh and I also ordered the hot pink skin79 bb cream. Have yet to try it since it's in Sg now... Hope it can helps to lighten my dark rings la!

Ok that's it! Prolly won't be blogging while I am in Singapore... so...


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