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Thursday, February 12, 2009 12:32 PM

Woah. 1 week already... and I am finally done with the lyrics. Am so hungry and tired now that I hope someone would just pour food into my mouth while I take a nap. :(

Anyway, in case my blog get invaded by spiderweb, I shall just do a little short post with peektures...

Last weekend the Husband and I ran around with a to-buy list but end up going home empty handed.

Our initial plan was:

-TST, HarbourCity to look for Q-pot iphone case. (BUT END UP NOT HERE YET! :()
-CWB, IKEA to buy bedsheet and sofa cover. (But end up getting none. Ugh.)

I wasn't exactly feeling very well that day and all the walking make me feel worse and my face turn pale. Plus my shoes isn't helping by hurting my feet like crazy. So I bought a pair of shoes from Crocs to ease the pain. ><

But it's still a great day because I always love dating with the husband... :)

Yesterday finally collected my Softhard Rangers X Macdonalds toys from a seller. Bought 2 sets and 1 for my sister. :)

SO cute lor! I always love the macdonalds toys from hk because they always do this crossover thing with local designers. Too bad I didn't collect the previous Hello Kitty Series. The box is indeed bigger than the large size pizza box from pizzahut. :/

A little introduction on Softhard apparently they are called 硬软 in chinese... haha directly translate lor!):

"Softhard is a Hong Kong rap duo consisting of DJ Soft "Jan Lamb" (林海峰) and MC H "Eric Kot" (葛民輝). The rap duo is widely accredited for pioneering the hip hop act to achieve mainstream minor success while on an independent label during the late 80s."

That's it. I need lunch.

Happy Valentine's inadvance peeps! Have fun with your love ones on this special day. :) I am sure I will enjoy mine since it's a Sat and the Husband will be by my side 24 hrs! ;)

And yes, Ailing mei is reaching HK on sunday! Can't wait for a week of fun in hk with her! Wee!

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