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Hello world!
Monday, February 23, 2009 2:38 PM

And I am back. Spent like half a day to sort out the photos and edit them nicely. I haven't been feeling exactly right after having runs yesterday mid night and I keep having this tight chest feeling since yesterday. Could be my gastric. So I shall just keep this entry with lotsa pictures but less wordy...

Image intensive o!

[140209 - Valentine's Day.]

Don't know what's v-day to others but to us, it's just another dating but a better reason to eat good food and shower each other with presents. But this year, I told the husband we should just keep it simple because I am not working so I can't afford to buy him any gifts so he shouldn't too.

We had a simple lunch @ this cafe in Prince Edward that sells Singapore style food. PHAIL BADLY CAN?! Only the laksa is passable. The husband knows that I am craving for Singapore food but didn't know this cafe wil disappoint us this way. It's okie thou because it's the company that matters. :)

After lunch, we walk to Mongkok and collected the rilakkuma plush that I pre-ordered. After which we walk to Langham and took photo stickers. Hee haven't been taking photostickers ever since we got married. Getting old already la...

Caught YES MAN after leaving Mongkok. Love it! :) Dabao Mos Burger after the movie and home sweet home!

The husband was really sweet to get me a gift afterall. It's really a surprise because he make the effort to make a trip down to get it for me after work despite feeling really tired. And it's something which I really like!

SO cute can?!?! Look exactly like a real macaron! But a more expensive one... haha.

It's really fragile thou that's why I can only admire it and wear it when I am wearing light color clothings. Now I am really hook to cute accessories especially confectionaries items!

I actually got him some small gifts too. A new iphone case and a buddhist bead bracelet which helps with career. All from my heart! :P

[150209 - Ling mei's arrival!]

Ailing mei touch down at about 8pm and we went to the airport, had dinner together and fetch her home! Since it's already night time, we decided to start our shopping journey the next day.

[160209 - Shopping!]

We started our morning by stuffing ourselves silly with dim sum. Had funny encounter with aggressive aunty. Bet mei have a little culture shock. Haha...

Admiralty -> Prince Edward -> Mongkok -> Prince Edward

We had lunch at a random 茶餐厅. Not bad at all!

Found Yee Shun Milk Company and decided to give it a go. Ordered the milk with ginger juice and milk curd with red bean. Ling mei almost couldn't stand the taste of the ginger and we left the shop with a half a bowl uneaten. *puke*

Had dinner together with the husband at night.

[170209 - To the Peak, we go!]

Ling mei worried that her shoes are not good enough to keep her warm so we make a trip to Prince Edward again to look for a pair of boots.

We proceed to take a train to Central for our tram ride up to The Peak. Had lunch at the Cafe and went into the Madame Tussauds.

Took SO MUCH pictures in there and I can't post them all at onces. The rest can be found in Ling mei's facebook thou.

The cold air at The Peak is freezing! Luckily mei got her boots earlier. But it's really nice just standing there and look at the scenery. We had some nice drinks at the Pacific Coffee before leaving Peak for some photos taking in Central and dinner with the Husband.

[180209 - The big Buddha! Ngong Ping Village]

We were all excited about the cablecar ride. But to our dismay, the cablecar was closed for maintenance! Not wanting it to be a wasted trip, we took the bus instead.

Thou the bus ride took us 45 mins to reach, it was quite an experience! Definitely more things to see than taking the cablecar. Had lunch at the vegetarian canteen and not forgetting the cold beancurd. :)

Spent the whole afternoon there and took the bus back to Tung Chung to collect my parcel, walk around at the outlet mall (and mei bought nothing!) and I got myself new rilakkuma bedsheet. Heehee.

We just couldn't stop eating so we had Macdonalds for teabreak. And as usual, we got back home and meet the husband for dinner.

[190209 - The ferry and dingding tram]

After almost 10 months in HK, I have yet to try the dingding tram so when mei says she wanna try it, I thought it's gonna be a good experience. Haha.

1st we took a train to TST, took the star ferry over to Central. We had lunch at the famous dimsum restaurant at Cityhall (woah after a long search before we found the right place) and from Central, we took a dingding to Causewaybay!

Shopped around at the Timesquare. Had high tea at the Agnes B cafe... and I bought SK-II products! OMG I actually spent so much on facial products. -_- I hope the 神奇水 can justify the price. So far so good thou.

[200209 - The final shopping @ Mongkok ]

Mei got a list of stuff which she has yet to get so we decided to spend 1 day in Mongkok to complete them. We found a store that sells really nice customised bracelet and therefore we got ourselves a matching one!

Totally love the details! Mei bought me mine as a gift and I bought another 2 charm each to add into our current one too!

Meet the husband in Central and we had our dinner at the Famous Yung Kee. Had roasted goose and pigeon for dinner. Sinful but nice! (will add pictures later...)

Home sweet home!!

[210209 - Mei's last day in HK]

We had breakfast together with the husband at Macdonalds before husband goes for his basketball session while mei and I go to Mongkok and buy her lao po bing gtom Hang Heung. We also shopped around at Langham again and took photosticker (will post later) and play games at the arcade!

Happy times flies and it's time to send mei to the airport... We had dinner together before sending her to the depature gate...

Miss all the funny things we shared together, eating sinful food like dessert and 鱼蛋 along the street and all the shopping trips we had! Can't wait to go back Singapore soon to shop together again! *hugs! Thanks for all the gifts and company! Hope you've enjoyed yourself in HK!

I have tonnes of other pictures to post but I shall take a break for now...

Hope you peeps had a great monday! <3

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